Murderer? Sirius Black? Dad?

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Ineed to get out of here, I am not even sick.

I could catch up with the trio

Harry, Hermione and Ron must still be at Hagrids because they have only been away for 20 minutes

I slowly lower my feet on to the floor. When i say they floor was cold, It was freezing should a school not be warm? Well my muggle school was always cold, they neverput on the heating.

i quickly grab my shoes and put them on. Luckily I am not in a hospital gown and I am in my normal clothes.

I look around for Madame Pomfrey and she walks into her store, this is my chance to run.When she turns her back I jump from behind bed to bed and then the last bed comes and I run ( quietly) out the door.

"I really need to be a ninja" I say to myself  running down the corridors.

I run straight out the castle, towards Hagrids, I don't realise how late it is untill I get outside.

How did no teachers see me run out. It is not that late but it is too late to be outside.

I look down at Hagrids hut and no one is there, I walk around A bit and look around. I finally see Harry and Hermione clinging onto the whomping Willow.

I get closer and see that Ron is not there.

"Harry"I shout at him, he looks around but doesnt do anything.I don't blame him, he is too busy trying to survive the Whomping Willow.

Harry and Hermiome let go and dissapear.

"Harry, Hermione where are you, are you alright?"

"We are down the hole, don't get too close" Harry shouts from down a hole.

I'll be fine I think. I walk towards the hole and the tree stays still, i jump in to be greeted by Hermione and Harry.

"How did you do that?" He asks

" It loves me better" I reply      " Where is Ron?"        " He got dragged in by the grim" Harry says.

" Ok, I won't ask why"I say following them up the stairs.

I get in last and see Sirius Black, My dad.

" Expelliarmus" Shouts Lupin at Harry walking into the room.

I am so confused, I should really listen more.

" You have been helping him this whole time, I trusted you" Shouts Harrys.

" He is a werewolf" Hermione shouts.

I smile to myslef, knowing that I already knew that.

Noone seems to notice me, Ron,Sirius and Lupin havent even seen me yet.I might just stay in the corner and watch, it is quite fun. I should get popcorn to watch this, haha only joking, but popcorn does sound nice right now. I think

I look at Sirius, This is my dad, well most likely it is, they could have gotten something wrong, right. Maybe he is not actually my dad?

I stare at him, taking in everything anout him, how he looks, his hair,his eyes, they way he sits. I am trying not to look at his tattered clothes or the scowl he is wearing at the moment. I am trying to picture what It would be like, living with my mum and my dad in a nice house, having dinner together and going out to plaves and going shopping.

Obviously life hates me and doesn't want me to have a perfect life.

I am disrupted from my thoughts when Sirius or dad moves to walk forward. My eyes follow him.

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