Hey, we are SocietysCastaways. This is our first book so I'll try and quickly explain how it is written. There are five of us each writing a chapter of this book at a time: Alyx, Faye, Helena, Rhiannon and Becca. *Hi* The chapters are written out as different povs so that our writing styles will be personal to each character. This means there will be five main characters in the plot as well as some other lesser characters too.

Since this is our first book please bear with the horrific amount of typos, grammar and spelling mistakes that are sure to happen since I doubt that any of this will be proof read. Feel free to point them out and we will do our best to correct each one.

The characters in this book are created from our own imaginations so any resemblance to other characters that may occur are purely coincidental. This book is ours so y'all unoriginal people can't have our characters. Heheheh. (There may be quotes though.)

We hope you enjoy this book *ShowingAppreciationWouldBeAwesomeIfYouVoted/Commented/FollowedUsMaybeTy*

Ahem, what. Also finally there won't be many A/N so I pretty much asked all we needed to ask here, okay, thank you and we hope you enjoyyyyyyyyy!!

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