tension (dream)

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please don't read if you're under 16 :)


The tension between us was crazy as we both got out of the car. I walked up to the door, fumbling with getting my keys in the lock. He has the audacity to look at me and smirk like he doesn't realize what he's doing to me.

He definitely knows.

I finally got the door open, and walked inside. As soon as I was about to turn around I felt a hand grab my neck and swing me around to face him. He crashed our lips together as he pushes my lips into his. I let out a small moan into his mouth that makes him break into a smile.

God, I've missed him.

Next thing I know, he's picking me up and pushing me against the wall. I wrap my legs around him on instinct, and I feel that he's already half hard through his sweats. As soon as I make this observation, he rolls his hips against mine, pushing me back into the wall and grabbing my ass in the process.

He pushes his tongue into my mouth roughly, while taking one hand off my ass and pushing it up my skirt and starts rubbing my clit over my panties. I let out a moan without even realizing it, and buck my hips against his fingers. Holy shit, his fingers.

He moves his kisses down to my neck, and starts to suck, and then bites down. I quietly whine and pull my head back. He continues to suck bruises into my neck as I become completely relaxed while up against him.

Our bodies pushed flushed against each other, he suddenly pushes two fingers in me as I gasp. He keeps the pace slow, very unlike him. I whine out like the brat I am, as I move my hips in attempt to ride his fingers. He comes to a full stop and looks down at me.

"Do you want something baby?" Clay says while smirking.

Of course I do idiot. Not wanting to say it out loud, I let out another whine, louder this time.

"Use your words. I need verbal consent babe." He whispers in my ear.

"Faster clay, please."

As soon as I let those words slip my mouth, he pushes his fingers back inside me and goes at a rapid pace. I almost let out a loud moan, but I slap a hand over my mouth and catch it before it slips. Fuck his fingers feel so good inside me.

Clay grabs my wrist and holds it above my head right as he sees me do this.

"Let me hear your pretty little noises, I wanna hear how much of a slut you are for me."

My cheeks immediately start to feel hot as he pushes his fingers inside me and curls them. I let out a loud moan and ride his fingers at a quickening pace.

"You look so good like this babe, I love seeing how my fingers make you act." Clay coos out.

As I blush at his words, I can feel the small burn in my stomach start to grow and I let out a small moan. He looks up at me and pushes my lips into his while pushing his fingers inside me faster and faster, almost if he knows I'm close. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and wraps his hand around my throat.

My eyes roll back as I feel my oxygen becoming thinner. I can't take this anymore.

I cry out as I reach my climax while his fingers are still inside me. He releases his grasp from my neck, but his fingers keep pushing into me at the same rapid pace.

I whine out from the overstimulation, but all he does is look down at me and smirks.

Fuck, I love it when he smirks.

I can feel the overstimulation turn into that burning sensation low in my stomach again as he curls his fingers inside me once again.

"Please clay..." I whine out in protest.

My climax is coming closer so much faster than before. Jesus, his hands do wonders to me.

I feel my climax crest over, while he finally slows down the pace of his fingers. I let out a breath I don't remember holding, and press my body flush against his.

Before I know it I'm being picked up again by him for the second time tonight, and if I'm being honest, probably not the last time.

I look over my shoulder, and I see that he's taking me into our bedroom. He carefully drops me onto the bed, while he walks out of the room. Confused, I continue to lay there, cum-lax and too tired to move, while he walks back over with a bunch of stuff in his hands. He drops the stuff on the side of the bed and leans down to press little kisses onto my lips.

I smile while his lips are against mine, and bring my hand up to trace his jawline. He's so perfect.

After a few seconds of us just being in the moment, he realizes what he came back to do and leans up from me, then picking up a towel from the pile of stuff.

"Can I?" Clay asks me with pleading eyes.

I nod at him, too tired to process any words and too tired to even think about cleaning myself up after all the -ahem- physical activity I've done in the past hour.

He carefully wipes around my thighs, and then when he feels satisfied with his work, looks back up at me a presses a small kiss to my inner thigh. I blush at him, like the total simp I am.

Clay then gives me a bottle of water from the pile of things he brought. I didn't really realize how thirsty I was until I starting gulping the clear liquid down. I look up and find that Clay is watching me intensely, with his eyebrows raised in amusement. I playfully flip him off while continuing to chug the entire water bottle, causing him to let out a wheeze.

Once we are all finished, he gets into bed with me and he wraps his arms around my waist, nuzzling his face into the back of my neck.

I can feel my eyelids slowly start to close, and we soon both fall asleep in each others arms.

God, I'm such a simp.


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