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(Happy late Valentine's Day guys💕)

I was standing on the pavement next to Ashton with all mine and Luke's bags waiting for him. Ash and I had quickly eaten some sandwiches for lunch and it felt like I could throw them up anytime.

"You'll be fine." Ashton comforted me.

"Ash I've only met him once."

"He trusts you, you trust him."

A tear rolled down my cheek.

"I can't just leave you and school behind for this guy I met online."

"Well you surely are going to." Ashton said hugging me.

"I promise you'll have the best time of your life."

"And what about my parents, and my therapist!!" I panicked.

"Calm down Mia. You've told Ana earlier remember, and I'll be there for your parents."

"You really don't have to-"

I noticed a car driving in our direction. I smiled finding Luke behind the steering wheel. Suddenly all my worries left.

"Luke!" I cheered my heart beating like crazy my hand palms becoming sweaty. He stopped the car getting out and hugging me tightly.

"Did you find the envelope and money?" He whispered. I nodded keeping on hugging him.

I let go and Luke and Ashton carried the bags into the trunk.

"Do your brothers know?" Ashton asked Luke.

"Yes. Both of them are leaving today too."

"Oh. Okay." He muttered.

I hugged Ashton tears rolling down my cheeks again.

"We'll see each other again I promise." Ashton told me. I nodded slowly as he pressed a kiss on my forehead.

"Make me proud, take over the world and stay safe." I smiled at his words.

"I love you Ash." I mumbled a sob leaving my lips.

"Love you too Mia."

"Go get some Calum." I winked at him. He laughed blushing.

"Make it up with him."

"I will. Bye." He waved at me as I stepped in the front seat crying softly.

Luke said bye to Ashton too and then also got in the car almost tripping over his own feet as he stepped in. I let out a chuckle as he blushed.

He put Paramore's self titled album on and we waved at Ashton as we drove away.

"We're driving fast in my carrrr!!" Luke sang along laughing. I was slightly shaking not knowing what to do.

"Hey Mia, it's okay love. We are safe now."

"Luke I'm so scared." I mumbled another couple of tears rolling down my cheeks.

His hand rubbed over my leg as he turned Paramore down a bit.

"Where are we going right now?" I asked him.



"Why not?"


We arrived at a hotel and Luke got us a room. I payed with the money from my phone case.

"There was more money right?" Luke whispered as we were standing in the elevator with our bags.

"Yes." I said softly.

"Where?" He raised an eyebrow at me. I laughed softly.

We got into our room as I immediately fell onto the bed. I lifted up my shirt handing Luke his money. He stared at me in disbelief.

"You just fvcking lifted up your shirt in front of me."

"Have you never seen a bra before?" I laughed softly before resting my head on the pillow.

"I had no idea you already were this comfortable around me." He laid down next to me.

"Me neither."

I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes and a smile formed on my lips.

"You know Mia?"

"What do I know?" I said. I suddenly felt a lot better around Luke and the biggest reason for this was that I felt save around him.

"I like you a lot."

"I like you a lot too." I said rolling to his side of the bed. He took ahold of my hand smiling at me.

"You make me feel so much better about myself Mia." He smiled.


"Let's watch some tv." Luke suggested. We sat on the bed with a blanket over our bodies.

"Appreciate this moment, we may have to sleep in the car tomorrow."

Luke switched to MTV playing Ed Sheeran. I quietly sang along to Thinking Out Loud.

I noticed that he kept looking at my lips so I turned to face him. He smiled at me before leaning in to kiss me. And as his left mine I bit my lip.

"You are such a good kisser." Luke complimented me.

"And so are you." I grinned before leaning in again.

"I really don't want to fall in love with you. Because what if our relationship fails and we'll hate each other. We won't be able to take over the world as Ashton told us to."

"I told you, I can't hate you." I admitted.

Luke kept silent.

"And I've already fallen in love with you Luke."

He wrapped his arms around me pressing a kiss on my cheek pulling the blanket further over us.


✨Cuddly Luke is life✨
tbh luke is life

-favorite song of paramore's self titled album?
-mine is fast in my car 😏

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