November 17 2014

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Zayn sat next to Harry on the couch after a long day of prepping for their fourth album release. Harry was exhausted. Zayn was exhausted. All of them were completely and utterly exhausted.

It was only a few minutes before the clock struck midnight in LA and they were greatly anticipating the release, but they were also just ready to get it off their chests.

Harry: "you excited babe?"

Zayn: "mhm, are you?"

Harry: "yeah, I hope they'll like it"

Zayn kissed Harry's curls that now hung to his shoulders.

Zayn: "they'll love it bub"

Harry relaxed into Zayn's embrace, letting himself lay on his lap and close his eyes. He felt his bony features poke him, and to some it might've felt uncomfortable but for Harry, his skinny figure was comforting. It was home to him, and it had been for years.

When he and Zayn got together in the late months of the Take Me Home Tour, it was new, it was fresh, it was hard.

They had no idea how to make time for each other and make sure the public had no inkling that they were romantic with one another behind closed doors.

As they reached the Midnight Memories tour it became easier. They pretended during the day, and once it was just the two of them they were all in.

Now, getting ready to tour for their newest album, they were pretty much pros at navigating their relationship and work life in two different ways.

As the clock hit midnight Harry sat up, feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, letting Zayn's arm wrap around him.

The three other boys came over with a bottle of champagne, and as Steal My Girl rang through the speakers of the room, they popped the bottle.

It was the first time in awhile Zayn felt genuinely happy about the music they were making. He knew everyone else loved it, and for some reason it just wasn't his jam. But he also knew his voice fit so well alongside the others.

Harry grabbed Zayn's face and pulled it toward him, kissing his lips with a smile.

Harry: "congrats baby"

Zayn: "mmm you too, love you so much"

Harry kissed him again

Harry: "I love you too"

After an hour of scrolling through a hundred different social media's, announcing the album release and posting as much as they could to promote it, they were beat.

Liam: "I honestly can't believe it's out..."

Louis: "it's been a long time coming man"

Zayn: "feels like we've been working on this shit since we started the last tour...fucking non stop."

Niall: "which song do you think they'll like the most?"

Harry blushed and looked down to where his fingers were laced lazily with Zayn's.

Harry: "I dunno...maybe 18?"

Z brought their connected hands to his lips and placed a soft kiss to Harry's.

Zayn: "most definitely 18"

The other three rolled their eyes at the love birds in front of them and carried on, used to their flirting by now.

They spent another 2 hours at Liams place in LA, gathering all the love from everyone who'd already listened to the album and loved it.

They sat around the house relaxing, just letting the sudden weight lift off their chests as the album was put out.

Harry: "can we go home babe? I'm tired and I want you."

Zayn: "mhm, 5 minutes"

Harry loved the fact that Zayn just understood. He didn't laugh or taunt him when he told him how much he wanted him, he just knew, because he felt the same way.

Harry: "no I want you now"

Zayn smiled and kissed his forehead

Zayn: "right here babe? smart."

Harry chuckled

Harry: "well no, but we can leave I can have you sooner"

Zayn: "you always seem to get what you want don't you?"

Harry shrugged knowing he'd get what he wanted, especially when it came to Zayn.

Zayn: "the answer is yes babe, you always get what you want."

They kissed lightly before saying their goodbyes and collecting their things to head home for the night.

Harry could sense how mellow Zayn had been since they started the album, and he just assumed it was because he was nervous about the release. But after it was released earlier, his melancholy way of living hadn't changed back.

As Zayn drove quickly back home with his hand gripping Harry's thigh in the passenger seat, they rode in silence until Harry spoke up.

Harry: "you okay babe?"

Zayn: "hmm? yeah why?"

Harry: "you've been kinda mellow since we started the album, I just thought maybe you were anxious about the release..."

Zayn: "it's just me haz, you know how I am."

Harry: "well yeah, but you're never this quiet, not around me."

Zayn: "I'm sorry"

Harry: "no it's fine, you just worry me sometimes"

Zayn gripped Harry's thigh reassuringly, glancing over to meet his eyes quickly before positioning them back on the road.

Zayn: "I just get anxious bub, there's nothing to worry about. I'm fine, you're fine...we...are fine yeah?"

Harry took a deep breath and nodded, wanting to believe that everything was alright in his mind, but something just held him back.

Something was going on in Zayn's mind that he wasn't sharing, and that was odd for the two of them. Nothing they thought about was ever not shared between one another.

They pulled up to Zayn's place, neither of them wanting to spend the night without each other, and walked inside after a long night.

Zayn: "wanna go get a shower love?"

Harry took a sip of the glass of water he poured and smiled while he swallowed it down.

Harry: "as long as you get in with me"

Zayn: "that was the plan you idiot"

Harry chuckled and raced Zayn up the stairs and into the bathroom that connected to his bedroom.

They undressed willingly, so used to each other bodies by now, and waited for the water to warm up enough.

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