Chapter 2:

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Harry's POV

The two men pushed open the glass doors with unnecessary force, each one gripping onto my forearms as they dragged me into the small bakery.

"Pick up your feet Styles." One of them ordered, obviously irritated with the lack of effort I was putting into my leg muscles.

"But you guys are doing such a good job at carrying me..." I drawl, purposely dragging my feet behind me as the men struggled to haul me inside.

"I swear to god, if you open your mouth one more time..." The one to my right growls, gripping my arm even tighter.

"Marco stop! Can't you see he's just trying to get a rise out of the both of you!" The main body gaurd barked, making the two guys that were holding me visibly flinch in fear.

I rolled my eyes at their pale expressions.


"Yeah Marco Polo, you guys should calm down." I mock, looking back and forth between the two men at my sides.

"It's Paulo!" The one to my left hissed with a thick italian accent, his scarred eye twitching with frustration.

"Enough!" The leader roared, clenching his fists together as he glared at his men.

"What's going on?" A teenage boy entered the room from the back kitchen, his voice cracking in fear once he spots the four of us.

"I don't know what's going on but if you guys don't leave I'm calling the cops." He gulps, his arms visibly shaking as he clutched onto the box of cupcakes in his hands.

"Well would ya look at that fella's.. looks like we got a tough guy over here..." The leader chuckled with a dark smile, nearing the poor boy as the men who were holding me down laughed in unison.

"Leave the kid alone Bo." I snapped, my voice loud and full of authority as every head in the room turned to look at me.

Like hell I was just going to sit back and watch this ass wipe bully a damn kid.

"How do you know my name..." Bo slowly growled through clenched teeth, stopping in his tracks only a few feet away from the terrified boy as he glared at me.

"I'm really offended at the lack of credit you guys give me." I scoff, shaking my head at him.

"I've had it with your games Styles." Bo spat, quickly grabbing the back of the boy's shirt before dragging him to the back of the store.

"Stop! Let me go!" The boy cried out, dropping the box in his hands as he tried to claw at the monster's grasp.

"Have fun phoning the cops in here little man." Bo sneered, violently throwing the boy into the storage closet before locking it shut.

"Aye Bo," A tall slinky man, also know as Ed, entered the bakery, locking the doors behind him before shooting me a malevolent smile.

"The perimeter clear?" Bo questioned Ed, his eyes still boring into mine as he retrieved a gun from his coat.

"All clear." He confirmed.

Bo cleared his throat, cocking his weapon in the process as they all began to exchange mischevious looks with one another.

"Now Styles... you see, my boss is a very generous man.." He begins in a patronizing tone as he paced back and forth, the gun fully loaded and ready in his calloused hand.

"Now all you have to do is give us the blue prints to your latest work and we'll leave you alone... very simple and straight forward if you ask me." He explained as he gave a casual shrug.

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