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You were on a job, because you need the money to pay your rent (Cliché).

You were fighting some dude,but he was strong, stronger then you expected. And well, you might not the strongest in the building. You are strong, but not really strong.

You got blown back and now just layed, still on the ground. The guy stood in front of you. Ready to take the throw the last punch. You couldn't do anything. He somehow managed to make your body go numb. The only thing you could do, was watch. Watching yourself end. Waiting for the end to come.

You closed your eyes, waiting for the blow. That never came. Then you heard a voice. The voice you thought you'd never get to hear anymore. "You should consider trying something else."

You opened your eyes, only to see Laxus, holding the guy's fist, while lightning flashed around him.

*Time skip after the fight ( cause I feel like it and... well dont have inspiration for a fight)*

Laxus defeated the man, and walked over to your, -still numb- body. "You okay, (Y/N)?" "Besides the fact that I can't move? I'm perfect, thanks." You said sarcastically. Laxus sighed. "No need to be sarcastic all over the place, if I wasn't here you would be dead meat." Laxus replied annoyed. He picked you up bridal style and starts walking.

"Why were you here, Dreyar?" You asked after a while. "I returned from a request and heard that the request you picked, was rised to S-Class, and someone should check up on you. And because Erza was on a job herself, I went." Laxus said. Still casual --' . "... Thank you... Laxus.." You said.

You and Laxus weren't enemies, but you weren't best friends either. "I had to, I didnt want to lose a guild mate." You had a small smile plastered on your face. Laxus had been your crush for... 5 months now, but you never had the courage to tell him.

Then the fluttering in your stomach returned. "Laxus, I can move again, would you put me down?" You asked him. Even though you rather stayed in his muscular arms. He ignored your question and keeps walking. "Laxus." You said. No reaction.

You sighed and then stayed in his arms for the rest of the way back to the guildhall.

*Time Skip to the guildhall*

You two stood infront of the guildhall. Well... you still layed down in Laxus' arms. "Would you put me down now?" You asked one last time. He did as you told and putt you on the ground.

"Thank you." You said and went in the guildhall. "(Y/N)! You alright?" Mirajane emediatly asked you, while checking out if you had any injuries. "I'm fine Mira, thanks to Laxus." You said and looked back to see your blond crush walk into the guildhall. Mira just giggled. "I bet he came up with a story that Erza wasn't hear to come? And btw, it hasn't rised to S-class, just an a little harder job." Mira said. You looked at her confused. "He told you that story right?" You nodded in reply. "Well, that was a lie. Erza was here, and the job is just a little bit harder then you knew. When he heard you took a job you probably couldnt handle-" she suddenly stopped as you looked at her offended. "No offense (Y/N)" "Sure." You said and nodded she could continue her story. "Probably couldn't handle, he said he went to check up on you, and it was written all over his face that he was worried about you." Mira finished her story. You are thinking about what she just said. Laxus worried about you? Noway. Why should he?

Mira noticed and said the next words. "He likes you, (Y/N)"

"Wh... what?" You stuttered.

Mira just chuckled and went back to cleaning glasses.

"Mira's right, I do like you." A voice whispered next to your ear.



My first one-shot. Hope you liked it.

Request please.

I am still not super good at this so... dont expect to much from me.

Bye bye


Jinx Bluestar ( My OC )

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