There Comes A Time

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There comes a time
When hope has fled
There comes a time
When dreams lie dead
Our hearts are tested
Our minds under seige
There comes a time
When you can stand no more
There comes a time
Where you can only cry
There comes a time where you want to die
But lo,
My friend, don't give up
Reach your hand out
Grab hold of His
Now, my friend is the time
Do not walk this road alone dear one
Stand fast and you will see
Together you'll scale mountains
Cross valleys and so much more
Take these words
Hide them in your heart
Look to Jesus
He is the key
Look to Jesus
And be set free
There comes a time my friend
To fly; to soar
There comes a time
When it doesn't hurt to try
Try and you'll see
He'll speak peace and love
Just as He did for me.

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