***3 DAYS LATER***

Bella's POV

We're leaving today and I am going to miss this place, my life is going to be so boring without the guys. "Bella, we have to be at the airport in 20 minutes." Nat told me. We said goodbye to everyone. "Kian, car now" I ordered. "Okay mom" he replied. "Can I come?" Trevor asked. "Fine, get in loser were going shopping" I said. "you are a master at quoting" Nt complimented. 

We got in the car. Kian is driving, I'm in the passenger seat, and Nat and Trevor are in the backseat. "I'm really going to miss this place" I said as we started diving away from the house. "We really enjoyed having you at the house. I think the magcon guys only came to the house because you were there" Kian said "Yeah, the guys rarely come to the O2L house" Trevor added.

"I am really going to miss you Trevor" Nat said to Trevor. "I'm going to miss you too Nat" "It won't be the same without you, I'll be so lonely" Nat said. "It'll only be a few weeks" Trevor explained. "I know, but what about after that?" Nat asked "We'll find a way."

We pulled up to the airport and got out. We grabbed our suitcases and said goodbye to the guys. Nat and Trevor had a makeout session in the middle of the parking lot and Kian and I just stood there uncomfortly.

We went through all the shit you need to go through when flying. We got to our gate we realized that we had half an hour. We desided to go to Starbucks, I got a caramel frappe, and Nat got a vanilla bean frappe. We made our way bak to the gate. "I feel so plain"  Nat said. "I know, I don't think I've ever ordered something this ordinary" "I don't give a what, what, what, what" Nat burst into song. "I have been waiting to do that for ever" Nat said "Do what?" I asked "burst into a song that one of our new friends wrote and sings" "You did that the day that Trevor asked you to be his girlfriend" "oh, but still"

We got to the gate and sat down. I was checking twitter when people started boarding. "Flight 573 to New York City is now boarding" the lady at the desk said. 

We boarded the plane and I took the window seat. nat sat in the middle seat and a really cute guy sat down in the isle seat. "Hey, my name's Devon" He said to Nat in a british accent. "My name's Nat and this is Bella." She replied. "So why are you girls leaving LA?" "Were going home, we live in NYC" I responded. "Why are you leaving LA?" Nat asked. "I'm visiting a friend in NYC" he replied. "I noticed that you have a british accent" Nat said. "Yeah I grew up in London, and now I live in L.A." "Cool" We talked more small talk and exchanged numbers.

He seemed really nice so I wasn't worried about him being some creep. After a while of talking the flight attendant announced that we were landing soon. "It was so nice to meet you and I hope we can stay in touch." Nat said "We might be in LA a lot because her boyfriend lives there" I continued. "While your here, you can call us any time you want." Nat said. We parted our seperate ways.

"He was really nice" Nat said. "Hello, you have a boyfriend" "he's such a good friend. I would talk to him about my relationship problems" "Your insane" "I know"

We got our suitcases and headed outside. My mom was waiting outside for us with her car and Nat's mom in the passenger seat. Once thay saw us they got out of the car and smothered us with hugs and kisses. "Mom, I have to tell you something" Nat said. "What is it? You can tell me anything sweatheart" her mom said. "We met O2L and Magcon, and Trevor is my boyfriend" "Oh my gosh, my daughter's first boyfriend" "mom" she said in annoyance. "I had a boyfriend, but we broke up" I said to my mom. "oh I'm so sorry baby" my mom said. "We saw Maya" Nat said in excitement. "Her and Matt Espinosa are dating" I said. "We all expected it" Nat said.  

We got in the car and and drove to our houses. Nat and I live right next to each other and it feels like we live in the same house. We pulled up to our houses and we got out. I went straight to my room and I started to unpack. I opened my bag and put stuff away. I got to the botto of my suitcase and found a letter. it read...

Dear Bella,

I screwed up, I know. Before you crumple this peice of paper and throw it in the garbage, I just want you to know that I am so sorry. I know that the picture looks bad but let me explain, I was at a meet and greet and there was a fan who wanted me to kiss her nose, she bent down and I grabbed her face. As the picture was being taken, she stood up. My fans are insane and as soon as they saw, they started taking pictures. You probably already have a new boyfriend because you are so beautiful, but I want you to know that I can't live without you. These past days have been torturous. I love you.

-With love from Jacob

I put the letter in by back pocket and went to Nat's place. I knocked on the door and Nat answered almost instantly. She looked worried. "Trevor texted me, something bad happened..." 

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