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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 7 ~ Delight

Its funny how things change so quickly. A couple of days ago the Simpsons would have never attended school. A couple of days ago, I would have never talked to any of them and I would have never ever set foot in their home. A couple of days ago Walter Simpson would have never been so nice to me as he was last night. So that's why I was pretty estastic when Walter caught up with me when I was going home.

"Hey Coral." he said, falling into step with me. He was attracting so much attention already, turning heads of girls and guys. I also saw a few vicious scowls pointed in my direction. But I didn't care, Walter was talking to me, and to me only! So ha!

I tried not to sound too happy when I answered, "Hi."

"How are you today," to my delight, he leaned closer, "things okay at home?"

"Yeah, I unlocked him this morning."

"He didn't do anything to you, right?" Walter's jaw tightened ever so slightly.

 "No," I shrugged. I didn't include that I hadn't even seen him at all. 


People were watching us a lot now, and blatantly whispering about us too. I noticed Lucinda with another blonde bimbo-like girl, and I couldn't help feel a pang of anger. The little bitch. 

Walter was still walking beside me though, so I guessed that he still wanted to talk. I looked up at him, and noticed the the few small brown beauty spots dotted up his neck, there was one on his adam's apple. 

"How was school today?" I asked him.

Walter gave me a half smile, "I forgot how boring it was."

I wanted to ask him why he and his brothers had suddenly started coming again, but again I felt I wasn't in my place to ask that.

"Were any of the rumors true?" I looked down again, I didn't want him to catch me watching him. 

"Ah, I heard some of those. And no they weren't, the headmaster searched us in the morning. Searched." Walter seemed to be vaguely annoyed. "However...Gomez did take something. But that was for your ears only." He smirked at me.

I was glowing inside, Walter trusted me! And this was only the second day that we had even started talking. 

"Why...why did you guys decide to start coming to school again?" I took the risk in asking. 

Walter hesitated, maybe that was a bad idea after all. Then he answered, "Um...nothing better to do."

Walter was a terrible liar. But that made him kinda cute, so I let him have it.

"The headmaster also said we can't just drop in whenever we like, and now we are either in or out." Walter said.

"So you chose in?" 

"Yeah. And now I have three sets of homework about things that I barely remember." Walter sighed playfully.

I laughed. "You could always ask me for help.,,,Um not that you need it, but maybe in case you can't rememb-"

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