Chapter Twenty-One - The Grass is Greener

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Chapter Twenty-One – The Grass Is Greener

Help I'm alive my heart keeps beating like a hammer, hard to be soft, tough to be tender. Come take my pulse the pace is on a runaway train.


My hair was up in a ponytail; for once it was long enough to actually stay in the ponytail. I was wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants and typical black and white Converse. It was just past ten o'clock and I was preparing myself for the meeting with Dominic. I was crazy to think I could go alone, knowing Roman was coming made me feel eons better. At the same time, though, I was worried. The last thing I wanted was for Roman to get hurt trying to protect me... even if he was the reason I was in danger in the first place.

The rest of the Charlens had settled down for the night. I could hear loud EDM coming from Ashton's room, Terry was playing video games downstairs and Donna and Mark had said their goodnights but I was fairly certain they were watching television in their room. After making sure it was on vibrate, I put my phone into my back pocket along with my ID, some cash and my debit card. My heart was already pounding and I hadn't even left the house yet.

I decided I was prepared and it was time to see Roman. Before leaving my room, I stuffed some pillows under the covers of my bed to make it look like I was sleeping. Yup, the oldest trick in the book but it looked pretty convincing. I turned off my bedroom light and shut the door behind me. I didn't bother knocking on Roman's door, I didn't want Ash to hear, even though it wasn't very likely with the rave going on in his bedroom.

Roman was pulling on jeans when I came in. His upper body was bare and I became incredibly uncomfortable. I should have knocked... But I couldn't keep myself from staring at the toned muscles of his back or the tattoo on his shoulder blade. The black ink curved over his shoulder and formed a breath-taking pattern of triangles and woven lines. He turned around and caught me gawking at him. I couldn't even stop because I was exposed to his smooth chest, the lines of his abdomen and that V-shape men had that got lost under the waistband of their pants. I could barely breathe. And here I had thought that Ashton was fit...

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Roman said in an amused voice, turning back around to pick up his shirt from the bed.

"S-sorry I should have knocked." I wanted to smack myself for sounding like a flustered tween who got caught in the adult section at the DVD store.

He chuckled, "It's fine. I guess this means I'm allowed to walk in on you changing now."

I rolled my eyes, taking the moment to compose myself. "Your brother already has the habit of doing that."

"What?" He narrowed his green eyes at me. "Which brother?"

Oh great. I really shouldn't have said that. "Never mind, shall we go?"

"Which brother, Sam?" He approached me slowly, lethally.

I gulped. Seeing him half naked had made me all hot and flustered and the way he was walking towards me now like a lion about to attack their prey didn't exactly make the situation more PG. I licked my lips looking at him. "It doesn't matter." My voice was husky and I was embarrassed. He hadn't even touched me and I felt turned on. What was the matter with me?

"It does to me." He looked down at me with ferocious eyes.

I surprised him by locking my arms around his neck; standing on my tiptoes and pressing a firm kiss onto his lips. He stood stiff for a moment before responding with fiery intent. He picked me up effortlessly and pushed me against his wall. I moaned when his tongue found mine and started caressing the inside of my mouth. My thighs locked around his hips and my hands started to wander up his neck and into his hair. "Oh, fuck, Sam." He groaned before pulling back and letting me stand on my two feet again. "Nothing can happen to you tonight." His voice was needy, concerned. He tugged lightly on the end of my ponytail, "Whatever happens, if I tell you to run, you run, okay? Don't try and play hero."

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