Chapter six: lying eggs

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"Where are we going?!" John cried. The red eyed demon had blindfolded John and was dragging him around by the collar of his shirt.

From what John could tell, he was in a old hotel. It smelled like old paint and rotting wood. Dust filled johns nostrils causing him to sneeze repeatedly.

Dave skipped quickly down the halls, he moved so fast that it lifted John off of the ground.

He screamed a bit and tried to stop himself but dave kept dragging him along.

"Shhhhhhhhh." Dave shushed him. "Don't wake the others. You've already woken Jane and Roxy once. Don't wake any one else. It'll give you a bad rep." He laughed and ran faster.

"Dave!!!" John whispered. "Where are we going!!"

Dave sighed the laughed "We're going to get food."

"Food...." John said surprised. It seemed like he hadn't eaten in days.

A few minutes passed before Dave screeched to a halt. "We're here!" He said happily.

Dave ripped the blindfold off and pulled John into a gigantic room. Tables lined the falls and took up all the floor space in the room. Off the the left was a gigantic counter with plated piled high with food. Behind the counter was what seemed like a kitchen of sorts.

"We only serve human food here." Dave informed him. "If a demon were to be hungry for... Something else. They would have to go get it themselves. We demons eat.. Humans. Not the bones. That's just nasty. But every thing else. But we can also heal. It helps us keep our meals alive longer. So, we don't have to kill more people."

"Huh.." John sat there a little scared. "So you guys eat human food too?"

"Yes John." Dave smiled and pulled John over to the food counter.

There were thousands of plates of food. Piled high with thousands of kinds of food.

"I-is there any cereal..." John asked nervously.

Dave cocked his head to the side questionably. "What the hell is cereal?"

"So you demons have all these amazing types of food, but you don't know what cereal is!?!" John jumped back shocked. "Cereal is the best food ever. So many kinds. They are all amazing!"

Dave looked at him puzzled. "Just get some food, you dork."

Dave grabbed a plate of food filled high with eggs and other foods that John couldn't figure out what they were.

John quickly grabbed what looked like eggs but smelled like grapes. Dave skipped over to one of the many tables. And sat down. John followed behind and sat down next to him.

John took a bite of his grape eggs. "What in gods name!?" John said spitting out his 'eggs'.

Dave looked over at him, startled but then started laughing.

"They look like eggs! They smell like grapes! But they taste like cake! What the heck!!"

Dave tried to muffle a laugh but ended up cracking up. Dave continued to laugh and ended up slipping off the chair and landed on the ground.

"Dave!" John said laughing "are you okay?" He reached his arm down to help pull up the blond. Dave took his hand and pulled John down with him.

"Ahh!" He screamed as he fell on top of Dave.

Dave smirked and pulled John closer to him.

"Daaaaavvvvvvee let me gooo!" John squirmed.

"Nope! Never." Dave smirked hugging John. John have up and lied limply on top of Dave.

"Yo Dave!" A deep voice yelled from across the room. John jumped startled but Dave kept him close.

"Hello dirk." Dave smiled, still on the ground.

"JOHN!" Jake screamed when he saw the little brunet smushed on top of Dave.

"Oh, hello Jake!" John said trying to look at Jake.

"John seems a little preoccupied.." Dirk smirked. "let's go get some food. You too can meet up later." Dirk pulled Jake away from John and towards the food counter.

"DONT GET THE GRAPE CAKE EGGS!" John called to Jake. "they are the devil. Don't trust the EGGS!"

Dirk snickered and grabbed a plate of food. Dave burst out laughing and snuggled closer to John.

Dave finally let go of John and climbed back up onto the seat. John followed close behind.

"John guess what!" Dave smiled and scooted toward John. "We're gonna go shopping today!" He said cracking up laughing.

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