Chapter Fifteen - Daddy Issues

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"What? What's going on?" I asked, Fury stood from his chair and waited at the door for us. 

"Why have you just told us to sit down to tell us to stand back up again?" Tony snapped. 

"There's somebody here to see you, Ava. Now, it's up to you if you want these two morons present. And Stark? I did it because it amuses me," Fury said, before holding the door open for me to come through. I dragged Tony with me and Tony dragged Bruce. We were not unlike a trio of six year old friends on a school trip. Fury, in this case, was the exasperated teacher trying to keep control of us. 

"Who is it?" I asked Fury, Tony and Bruce trailing behind us. Fury hesitated. 

"I'm sure he can introduce himself," Fury said, as we entered the training gym. The training gym? Why the gym? 

"Why are we in the gym?"

"To make sure there's enough room, we think you...might make a mess," Fury said hesitantly, opening the door to the training gym where I was so used to annoying Steve. I refused to enter the room. Make a mess? Who the hell are they making me meet? 

"I'm not going in until you tell me who it is," I stated, folding my arms across my chest. Fury sighed before pushing me into the room and almost knocking me over. Tony and Bruce followed me and stood a few steps behind me.

A tall man, with ebony hair that had been gelled back stood in front of us. His smile was nervous and his grey eyes were sparkling. He wore a grey shirt with a black tie, the shirt was untucked and his trousers were the same shade as his tie. I raised an eyebrow at him, there was nothing familiar about him at all. He was quite slim, which only made him look taller. 

"Hello, Ava," He said, his voice was strong and his smile was warm. I simply furrowed my eyebrows at him. He was speaking as if he kenw me. 

"Um, who are you?" I asked uncertainly. His smile faltered a little but he soon saved it from turning into a frown. 

"I'm your father, Ava," He said, and his words struck me as hard as bullets. My father? What's my Dad doing here? He left me when I was three! I'm twenty-six now! Twenty-three years and he thinks he can just turn up now?!

"Get out," I snapped, not looking into his eyes. He didn't move. He stood there and stared at me. 


"I said get out. I don't want to see you. I'm twenty-six, it's been twenty-three years since I last saw you and you think you can just stroll into my life now? I don't think so. You're not my dad, you never have been. You left me when I was three, what sort of father does that? And now you leave it twenty-three years to see me? Who do you think you are?!" I yelled, my mind and powers were spiralling out of control but it didn't seem to phase the man in front of me. Tony and Bruce kept their mouths shut and kept their distance. My hands were burning a bright red colour and there were tiny sparks shooting out of them in all directions. I didn't know what I was feeling. It wasn't anger, it was every single emotion I've ever felt in my life all mashed into one.  I tried to channel it all, so I could blast my good for nothing father into oblivion, but I couldn't do it. All of my energy was being wasted to burn up my hands and I didn't like it, not one bit. 

Dad didn't even flinch as I stood there, my hands engulfed in flames. He was still trying to reason with me. 

"Will you hear me out please?" 


"Please, Ava. Nick said you'd be understanding." 

"Nick thought wrong then, didn't he?" 

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