Chapter Four: Love Me (WARNING: SEXUAL SCENE)

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While the others were throwing food, Liam and Rae grabbed a bag of chips and some sodas and ran to Rae's room. "Wanna go to my house?" Liam asks. Rae nods. Liam pulls her towards his car.

|Liams house|

Rae immediately went upstairs to Liam's room and changed into her pajamas. She crawled into bed and yelled Liam's name. He comes in and takes his shirt and pants off so he is only in his boxers. Rae's eyes get wide. "Relax babe, this is how I sleep!" He laughs as Rae noticeably relaxes. He crawled into bed beside her and kissed her. She started kissing harder. Liam wrapped his arms around her shoulders, put his arms up her shirt, and slid her shirt off. His hands found her lace bra and started fumbling with the clasp trying to undo it. The clasp popes open and he slid the bra off. He groped her boobs. He broke the kiss and moved down to her chest. He sucked one nipple while he played with the other. Rae moaned into her hand, trying to be quiet. He moved his hand down into her pants and played with her clit. "Mmmm baby, you are so wet for me!" He moans. He slides her pants down. When her pants are all the way off, he slowly laps up her leaking pre-cum. She moans lightly. He slides a finger inside of her. She moans louder as he pumps his finger in and out and adds another finger. He finally pulls his boxers off, he large erection slapping his stomach. He opens the drawer and pulls out a condom. He crawls over to Rae and she shyly places her hand on his erection and starts pumping, leaning her head down and licking his pre-cum. She slides it into her mouth and jerks her head up and down. He gets that feeling in his stomach and cums in her mouth. He rolls the condom on, with Rae's help. He leans over her and whispers, "Babygirl, this might hurt a little bit."

She nods. He slowly pushes in and she flinches. He slowly thrusts and finds her g-spot. Rae feels an unfamiliar feeling in her stomach and gets scared. All of a sudden, she feels something release and she whimpers. Liam climaxes and pulls out, noting the blood. Rae is panting and thanking him over and over again. "Babe, are you okay? You are bleeding!" He says. Rae looks down and just shrugs. Liam brings Rae to the bathroom and cleans her up. He then takes care of the sheets and throws them away. He gives Rae a clean blanket and they fall asleep, cuddled up next to each other, as Liam whispers, "I love you, Reagan Taylor Styles." "I love you, Liam James Payne. Always." And they fall asleep, with Rae's head on Liam's chest, listening to his steady, comforting heartbeat.

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