Chapter 4

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Iggy's birthday was just a couple days away and Jenn constantly asked him what he wanted.

He would always reply with the same thing, "You don't have to get me anything."

But she would always feign a sigh and giggle, replying with, "But I want to."

They were heading out to dinner one night when they ran into an old friend of Jenn's. And 'friend' was putting it lightly.

"That you, Jenn!?" A voice behind them said.

Iggy could feel Jenn grow tense through her hand.

Slowly the two of them turned around.

"Hey Tyler. Long time no see, huh?"

"You can say that again!" Suddenly Jenn's hand was ripped from Iggy's and he immediately prepared to fight.

"You can let me go now, Tyler," Jenn growled. Her hand then returned to Iggy's and he gripped it tight.

'Please don't let go,' his hand said.

She rubbed her thumb across his reassuringly.

'Never,' hers replied and his heart swelled.

"So who's this kid?" Tyler asked rudely. Iggy could tell that Tyler was shorter than him but weighed much more.

Not like that mattered, though. Since Iggy was a mutant, he could crack Tyler's skull like an egg. He held back a smirk just thinking about it.

"Tyler, this is Iggy. Iggy, Tyler," Jenn reluctantly introduced them.

Iggy politely held out his hand, looking in the direction of Tyler.

"The fuck kind of name is that? Like Iggy Stardust?" Tyler laughed, refusing to shake his hand.

"It's Ziggy Stardust," Jenn corrected. "With a 'Z'."

"Yes. 'Z' as in Zoolander, Zoidberg, Zeek. All of which ironically seem to pertain to you."

"Zoinks..." Jenn said, trying not to laugh.

"What did you just call me?" Tyler grabbed Iggy by the collar.

Iggy just smirked. "I didn't call you anything per say. But I do believe what I said would be referred to as a Zinger. Oh look! Another 'z' word."

"Iggy..." Jenn whispered, tightening her hand around his

'Stop,' it said. 'That's enough.'

"Wait a minute, Jenn," Tyler said, looking into Iggy's eyes. "Is this kid blind?"

"Does it matter?" Jenn asked defensively.

"You're dating a blind kid?"

"We're not-" Iggy started, but Jenn cut him off.

"So what if I am?"

Iggy turned his head to her in confusion but she didn't back down.

Why did it make him so happy? They weren't actually dating.

"I don't think it's any if your damn business who I date anymore, Tyler. You decided that a long time ago.

Now if you'll excuse us we're late for dinner."

Jenn turned Iggy around and continued the direction they were going in.

"I'm not done with you-!" Tyler shouted, grabbing Iggy's shoulder.

Big mistake.

Iggy turned and punched him in the nose. He only used half his strength but he still felt the crack of his nose as it broke.

"Iggy!" Jenn exclaimed in shock. She looked down at Tyler who was in the ground holding his gushing nose.

"I thought he was blind!" Tyler cried.

"He's blind not dumb, you idiot! I would think twice next time before you judge someone like that and try to take advantage of them!" Jenn said, holding Iggy's arm.

Jenn spat on the ground in front of Tyler and walked away with Iggy.

"Are you alright?" She asked, looking at his bloody hand.

"Yeah," he shrugged. "It was just a nose."

Jenn shuddered. "'Just a nose'? Iggy you broke it. His blood was everywhere... it's even on your hand..."

He slowly took his hand from her and wiped it off on the inside of his shirt.

"Are you mad?" He asked her.

"Honestly? No. ...Are you?"

"Why would I be mad?" He almost laughed.

"I let him believe we were dating," she said awkwardly.


She nodded. "Mm-hmm."

He took her hand in his.

'No,' it said as he smiled.

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