Chapter Three: L-O-V-E

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"Aye! The last thing Rae needs is a pillow to her face. She isn't feeling well and she needs rest!" Liam said, a bit pissed off. Harry rushed over to Reagan and pulled her into a hug. Harry felt her forehead, "You seem fine to me, Liam can you please bring Rae into her bedroom?" Harry asked Liam. "Sure thing mate." Liam said as he guided Rae into her bedroom.

"Are you okay?" Liam asked as Rae sat on her bed. "Yes." Rae said. "You sure?" Liam asked as he sat down beside her. "Not really." Rae said. "What happened?" Liam asked. "Everything." Rae said as Liam scooted by her side and snuggled next to her. "Tell me everything." Liam said soothingly, as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Harry is too over protective and bossy. I can't go to any dances. And he won't even let me have a boyfriend! But I dated Cody Murray for 8 months and Harry didn't know. Cody cheated on me, which made my day worse and I wanted to get some rest but the boys came over and they are so loud." Rae sobbed. Rae was a happy, preppy girl. But without Cody, she thought she wouldn't make it. "Aww sweetie, it'll be okay. If you need anything, I'll be here." Liam says softly. Rae looks into Liam's chocolate brown eyes and leaned in slowly.

Suddenly, the door bursts open. A very pissed off Harry barged into Rae's bedroom and sees them about to kiss. "What the hell, Liam! That's my little sister! Get the fuck in the living room!" Harry shouted. Liam had a blank look on his face. He let go of Rae's face and went downstairs.

"Wanna tell me what the hell that was all about?" Harry screamed. Rae just
Cried. "Don't tell me you like him..." Harry said nervously. "What if I do!?" Rae shouted. Harry just left the room.

Liam's POV

'Wow.' Liam thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by Harry grabbing him by his shoulders and pinning him against the wall. "What the fuck, Payne! That's my fucking sister! What the hell were you thinking!" Harry screams into Liam's face. Liam shy's away. "I don't know. She was sad and I was trying to comfort her." Liam stutters. "Comfort her by sucking her face off!" Harry yells. "We didn't even kiss man!" Liam starts to yell back, gaining confidence. Harry releases him. "Liam, I-I- I'm sorry." Harry apologizes. "You aren't that bad of a guy, so I guess I wouldn't mind if you dated Rae. But Liam, I swear to fucking God, if you hurt her, you will not take another. Fucking. Breath. Got it?" Harry states, very quickly. "Thanks mate." Liam smiles and starts towards Rae's bedroom, where he hears her sobbing quietly to herself. He knocks, softly at first but gradually gets louder. He heard the bed squeak and the door creak open. Rae peeks her head out, eyeliner running down her pink cheeks. When he saw her, her engulfed her in a hug. "Can I come in?" He asks softly. Rae nods her head and proceeded back to her bed.

Liam walks into her room and sits down on her bed. "Honey, what happened?" He asks her. "Harry." She simply says. "Well, I don't know if this will make anything better or not, but I have a very important question for you." Liam replies. "Would you give me the honor of calling you my girlfriend?" He asks. Rae leans over and kisses him square on the lips and pulls him toward her. Liam crawls up the bed, never letting his lips let go of hers. He pulls back for a minute.

"So, is that a yes?" He asks her cheekily. She nods. He then connects their lips again and Rae runs her hands through his soft hair. His tongue asks for entry and Rae then got playful and denied. He tried again, aggravated. That time, she accepted. They jump apart as the door flies open. "DINNER IS READY, LOVEBIRDS!" Niall yells, and races down the stairs. "LIAM AND RAE WERE HAVING SEX!" They heard him yell. "Oh no." Liam groans as they hear Harry stomping up the stairs. "Haz, relax. We were just kissing." Rae says before Harry freaks out. "Yeah, sure, whatever. Anyway, dinner is ready." He growls, shooting Liam daggers. Liam grabs Rae's hand and pulls her downstairs. "Come on slowpoke! I'm hungry!" Liam grins. Rae grins back, lets go of Liam's hand and yells over her shoulder, "Race ya!" Liam takes off after her, and in the process, trips down the long staircase. He lands at the bottom, and sees Rae looking down at him with concern. "Areyouokay!?" She asks worriedly. He just grins and replies with, "Fancy meeting you here, pretty lady." Rae smiles and pulls him to his feet. "Come on, ya big lug! You were the one complaining about being hungry!" She starts to run. He runs after her and catches her. Liam picks her up and gives her a big kiss on the lips. Louis notices and yells, "I wanna join!" And runs towards them. He jumps up and licks Rae's cheek. "Sorry about hitting you with a pillow earlier." He frowns. "It's okay, Lou!" She smiles and drags them both to the table. They all slide into their seats while everyone shouts, "FINALLY!" Rae and Liam look at each other and grin. "FOOD FIGHT!" They yell. Oh, no.

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