The Contract

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You're P.O.V

I hum softly sitting in the pile of black feathers sighing to myself.

"200 years and Sebastian still hasn't come home I'm bored without my big brother." I pouted then felt a shift in the feathers and gasped making the feathers fly up to keep me covered so the person doesn't see my real form.

"H-hello?" Says a young girls voice she sounds about 18.

"I am here what is it you need child." I say sitting on a branch keeping myself hidden with the feathers like Sebastian taught me.

"U-um I-I wanna make a contract with you." she said nervously

I giggled softly smiling, "What kind of contract are you wishing to make little girl."

I heard her take a shaky breath then spoke with a good amount of power that it slightly surprised me. "I want you to protect me and help me get revenge on the men that hurt my mom and dad if you do this then you can have my soul."

I smirked to myself. "Fine I shall do this how will I be to you I do not know much about modern times."

"I want you to look like my little sister maybe around 14." she replied and I huffed under my breath thinking that of course a mortal would want this.

"Fine I shall agree to your terms where will you keep the mark to complete our contract it must be hidden." I said.

She thought about it for a bit before saying, "I want it on my right breast I don't wear anything that ever shows my breasts there is no point considering I'm homeless."

I rolled my eyes and snapped fingers my mark on my right hand opposite of where my brother put his and me and the girl ended up in the forest near the town she lived me standing next to her looking like a 14 year old girl with (E/C) and long (H/C) hair. The girl looked at me as she was laying on the ground and called me (Y/N).

I smiled and helped her up. Holding her hand like I used to hold Sebastian's and I pulled her along through ally's. "I usually ask for names before I make a contract but it's been so long I forgot what is your name?"

She looked at me as I pulled her along. "My name is Sapphire Rose Knight and since you are my sister for now you will be (Y/N) Knight."

I nodded and pulled her into a hotel and payed the man with enough money for a couple days. Demons always get some money if a person they are contracted with doesn't have anything left.

We went up to the hotel room and I hoped onto the bed sitting cris cross as she stares at me. "What?" I asked.

"I thought demons had no emotions." she stated looking surprised.

"Well one I must show emotions if I am to be a 14 year old girl and two yes we do have emotions but we usually hide them but I don't hide mine because my brother did that enough for both of us." I stated.

She looked more surprised at the mention of a brother but laid down next to me on the bed and closed her eyes drifting to sleep obviously to tired to keep a conversation going I smiled and sat on the windowsill looking out into the night sky whispering softly. "I will find you big brother and I will finally find out why you've been gone so many years."

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