Chandler ~~ valintimes day

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~~~~Plot is him asking u what u want for valintimes day, like if u want more than a big teddy bear :)~~~~~ oh and I'm bad at spelling btw :/ ~~~

           As I walk to the door and open it i see my boyfriends smiling faces. Witch makes me smile and give him a big hug and start to walk backwards so u let chandler in " alright, y/n did you miss me that mutch?" He asks as he trys to close the door 1.. 2 and gets it the third time. " yes, I always miss you every second of the day, and it starts as soon as you say goodbye" i say now letting go of the hug and looking up into his blue eyes. " same for me, missed you to, love you, y/n." Candler says "love you to." I say giving him a peck on the cheek. ( peck = kiss if you didn't know) he smiles and we walk over to the couch and sit, im laying on chan's lap and he's flipping thew the chanles i look up in to his eyes and say " sooo can you tell me what's going to hapens next in the walking dead?  Hmm?" I ask " for the last time, no, you've got to wait and watch it" he laughs I pout like a little kid " *laugh* now let's talk about more important thin-" chandler says. " like what" i cut him off (not in a mean way) " well what do u want besides a card for valintimes day" he says smiling at me and I sit up and turn, so I'm faceing him " nothing, just you!" I say pouncing lightly on him and start to tickle. Cute laughs erupt from him " haha st- haha -op haha stop " he says in between the laughing you stop " haha you haha should have seen your cute face hahaha" you sat falling backwards. "You think it's funny?" Candler asks in a serious voice I get scared and completely stop laughing.

          Chandler straddles me with my arms above my head ( not being able to use them) , and than hovers over me "now, tell me for real..." he says than gets close to my ear lobe and wispers " or else" i quickly reply next to his ear lobe to "you.." again than he says " don't test my pashents .. I will" than you quickly reply with " and a dog, y/f/b/o/d (your favorite breed of dog name)"what do you want it's name and gender to be... if you get it." Chandler says lossing the grip on your wrist and leaning down. I lean up and give Chan a kiss, witch turns in to a make out. When were done he says "awncer?" I reply with "t/n/o/t/d/g (the name of the dog and gender)"  "ok" he says getting off of me and sitting up, i do as well but when I sit up i nuge chan's shoulder with my head. He lifts up his arm and I sit there with Chandlers arm lazly around my neck.

~~~~~ on valintimes day witch was like 2 days (away just to let you  your just waking up) ~~~~~

As I'm laying there still walking up with my eyes open a little and knowtis Chandlers gone. he may be going to the bathroom, or making breakfast- oh haha that's right I do that. 

"Ok go get her, lick her face" i hear chandler wisper I'm a little confus- I'm cut of by somthing liking me in the face I open my eyes to see a y/f/d/b/p (your favorite dog breed puppy) you quickly pick it up and hug it and then but it down on the ground and look up at chandler and jump into his arms so your legs are rapd around his hips and my arms are around his neck giving him a hug saying " THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH " repeatedly. He giggles and gives me gives me a kiss witch turns into a make out, when we're done he looks at me and says "i would have took it further but, the pups  here and it would have been weird if he was watching" i giggle and turn to face the puppy it's got its head tilted and one ear up and one down and his/her tongue out.

        Chandler puts me down and I say " well I'll start making breakfast" Chan says " why don't you take him/her out?" I reply with "well are you gonna make breakfast?"

Chan sighs and says "just feed my cat?" "Will do" i reply with i see Chan let the dog out to do his business and I start to mix the batter for the pancakes and feed the cat than I turn on the stove and since I have a little time befor I have to pour the batter I walk over to the glass door and see Chan playing with (t/d/n) and smile.

~~~~the end~~~~
I will not always add pets and I will be doing carl grimes from TWD  and I do acept request :) ps I'll update if i get one STAR OR read and when u request you need
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