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(Y/n) pov

I silently cried. "OH NOW YOUR CRYING?!" My drunk father yelled. "THIS IS WHY YOU DON"T HAVE FRIENDS! YOUR A F*CKING CRY BABY!" I yelped and ducked as a bear bottle was thrown at me. "YOUR THE REASON (Mom name) LEFT!" He yelled grabbing another bear bottle. He threw another bear bottle at me. I jumped to the side as it smashed into the wall, bear splattering everywhere. "I'm s-sor-ry." You whimpered. "NO! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" He punched me, giving me a black eye. I whimpered and made a break for it. He screamed, "GET YOUR STUPID F*CKING A** BACK HERE!" Another bear bottle hit the wall as I ran out the back door. I tripped running down the steps and fell flat on my face. I scrambled up and ran towards the woods. It was dark out as I ran. I slowed to a walk. Once I got to my destination I stopped. I starred down at the black rushing river. I was at a small bridge in the woods. I pulled out my razor, 'A few cuts couldn't hurt.' I thought. I slid the silver object across my arm. I watched the red droplets fall into the water. "No one will care if i'm hurt, if I disappeared, if I died." I whispered. I climbed up, sitting on the ledge. I closed my eyes and slide off. I braced my self for the impact of the river, but instead I was suddenly jerked up words. I widened my eyes and looked up. A man warring a suit with a yellow and orange checkered tie. He wore sunglasses, but even threw the dark lenses, I could see two glowing red pupils. He pulled me back up. I stared at the ground, avoiding his gaze. "Now why did you that?" His voice was heavily accented. I didn't reply, I just looked down. He sighed, "Whats your name?" "(y-y/n)" Was all I said. "Okay, I'm Bodil. Will you please tell me why you jumped." His voice was kind and calm. I took a shaky breath and tried not to cry. "M-my d-dad be-eats me-e." I started crying. Bodil pulled me in a hug, "Hush it's going to be fine. I wont let him hurt you anymore." I sniffled, "R-really?" He smiled and nodded. I smiled and hugged him, "Thank you." He chuckled, "Your welcome." 


I screamed and woke up in cold sweat. Bodil ran into my room and was by my side, conferring me. I shook and cried into his chest. "Shh whats wrong?" He asked me. "I-I had a-a n-nightm-mare." He hugged me, "Do you wanna talk about it?" i nodded, "I d-dreamt th-that m-my da-ad was-s b-b-beating m-me." I said threw tears. "I'll never let him hurt you, okay?" He said smiling, "Okay." I said with a small smile. "Now go back to sleep." He said getting up. I grabbed his hand, "P-please st-stay." I asked shyly. Bodil nodded, I scooted over and he climbed in. He put an arm around me and I snuggled into his side. I felt him kiss the top of my head. "I love you (y/n)." "I love you to Bodil."


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