[R] Blood Siblings (Tommy & Techno)

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(A/N: request as a pic. there not be much of the 'reveal' factor in this but aha this is supposed to be fluffy n all so I hope you'll still enjoy!)

Tommy was excited. Everyone watching his stream and on his call could see that. He looked happier than normal, and he spoke with more eagerness than he normally would.

"You're awfully excited today, Tommy," Wilbur teased, his voice fond. "What happened?"

Normally, Tommy would've dismissed or evaded the question, but with how excited he was, he couldn't help but blurt it out almost immediately. "My brother's coming home soon!"

Naturally, despite his attempts to take his words back, the chat promptly freaked out. The other people started questioning him, too.

"You have a brother, Tommy?" Ranboo asked, genuinely curious. "You've never really talked about him before."

"Yup," Tommy nodded. "I was trying to keep his existence a secret because he asked me to. He was studying for college in America, but then he dropped out, but then because of visa troubles and the whole C virus thing, he couldn't come back. But he's coming back now! He just texted me that he was in the car, actually."

"Wait, when was the last time you saw him face to face?" Tubbo questioned.

Tommy hummed, leaning back in his chair. "Uh, I'll say almost two years, give or take. It's fine though, we usually video call at least twice a week, if he isn't busy with his stuff."

"Oh damn, that's a long time."

"I know, which makes it better that he's coming back now!"

"Wow, I've never seen you this excited for anything else before," Wilbur commented. "You must really look up to your brother, huh?"

"Well, yeah," Tommy chattered on, clueless about how starry-eyed he seemed. "I've always looked up to him and shit. You know he was the one who got me into this whole business in the first place, yeah? He was the one who taught me everything about Minecraft. And he even bought me my new camera to help me out! Like, obviously, he's a bitch, but he's really, really great, and I'm really happy to have him as my brother."

From behind the door, Techno had to force back the smile that threatened to overtake his face. When he decided to surprise Tommy and his stream, he didn't expect to hear him singing praises about him, but he wasn't about to complain.

He adjusted the cuffs of his jacket, then the pig mask he had laid over his face. Taking a deep breath, he opened Tommy's door before he could change his mind about doing all of this.

"Not even a hello?" Technoblade said monotonically, leaning against the doorframe as Tommy turned around. "No hugs?"

The shriek of joy that came out of his younger brother's mouth would make the resulting freakout on Twitter worth it.

"You're back!" Tommy shouted excitedly as he quickly got up from his chair to hug him tightly, his mind faraway from his stream and his friends right now, all his attention on Techno. Because for all the shit-talking he gave him online, he truly did miss him. "You're home!"

Techno chuckled, adjusting his mask again as he ruffled the younger's hair in fondness. "I'm back home."

"Holy shit!" Wilbur yelled, his voice loud and clear through the call. "Technoblade?! You're his brother?!"

"The one and only," Techno drawled. "Alright, I have to go shower now, but have a good stream yeah?"

"I will!" Tommy cheered, acting like a little puppy around his brother. "See you later!"

Technoblade 🐷 @Technothepig
just got back home, now i have to deal with this annoying brother
[ID: A picture of Tommy and Technoblade in real life, and only their upper halves are visible. Tommy is wearing a red sweater, and is holding up a hand in a peace sign. Technoblade has a pig mask over his face, but you can still see his smile. His hair is also dyed pink, with brown roots showing. He has his arms crossed, and he is wearing a black jacket that is zipped up. End ID.]

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