You broke into my head

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Chapter Nineteen

Title from Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me by All time low

Ever since last night, the only thing I've been capable of thinking of is Jack.
Every thought reminded me of him, I want to be with him every second of every day so we can have pointless conversations, most of my happiness comes from him.

"How have you been feeling lately?" Dr.Mullins asked as I sat across him, I smiled at him and prepared to answer as truthfully as possible.

"I've actually been feeling better than I have in a long time, I've never been around so many people who understood what I was going through. Jack is also a really good friend, we've been talking a lot more and it's nice having friends" I answered positivity, Dr.Mullins smiled widely and wrote something down.

"Really? That's great on Jacks side too, I'm really happy to see that you've been helping him as well. He's been better with points" Dr.Mullins seemed truthfully happy about this.
"And Alex, you've been making almost perfect grades with points, besides the relapses, you've made all A's.. Really the relapses are the only things holding us back from releasing you" I was surprised at what I was hearing.
If I make it two more weeks like this, I'll be sure to get out.


I can't leave Jack, I can't get out and leave him.

"I-If I've been helping Jack, maybe I can help him get out too.. If I leave, what if he like, stops doing this good?" Dr.Mullins stopped at what I said, pausing, he seemed to be thinking pretty hard.

"Well, we don't want Jack to be too dependent on you, and when you get out, if you break contact with him things will just get worse for him, but this is the first time he's shown growth since he's arrived, so honestly, any growth is amazing. We're probably going to be looking for his release as soon as he starts eating half of his meals, and participating in at least two groups a day" I was surprised that they were willing to let him off a lot easier than anyone else. I knew they were desperate to release him, but I didn't know they would go against their strict point system to get him out.

I nodded understandingly "I was going to keep contact with him, we'll be going to the same school. I'd like to stay until he gets out" Dr.Mullins nodded and stayed silent for a few seconds.

"He might get out before we plan to let you out anyways. Your relapses have taken a toll on your release date" Dr.Mullins spoke seriously, I nodded but was actually a little surprised that Jack would possibly get out before me.

"Alex, that's all the time we have for today" Dr.Mullins said as he stood up, I nodded at him and quickly left the small office.

Nurse Jett walked me to the Day Room, the group of boys sat at the table, they all seemed happy today.

"Guess what?" Jonny said as I took a seat between Vic and Josh, I looked at Jonny expectedly, waiting for him to continue.
"Oli's getting out tomorrow morning" he said happily, I looked straight at Oli with a happy face.

"Oli, that's amazing! What are you going to do right when you get out?" Oli was smiling too, he shrugged and looked around for a second.

"I'm just going to live, I'm going to drive and blast music, and I'll visit the park, and I'm just going to do things that don't involve this hospital" he said sincerely, everyone was smiling at his response.

"That sounds wonderful" Josh said, he smiled but I could see how much he longed to get out, he almost looked pained that Oli was getting out.

I sat in the conversation for about ten minutes before I noticed Vic, Jonny, and Oli looking towards the door. I looked at them questioningly but when I turned to look at what they were looking at, I noticed Jack standing in the doorway. I glanced back at the others but stood up, when I started making my way Over to him, he walked away. I went back into my room and saw him sitting on his bed.

"I just wanted to talk to you for a few seconds, you can go back In a few minutes if you want" he said as I sat down on my bed, I nodded.
"Uh, last night.. You aren't going to tell anyone, right?" He questioned, nervously.

I instantly shook my head "no, no, I just kind of want to help you. But no, I'm not telling anyone, I promise" Jack visibly relaxed, but still studied my expression.

"Did you really mean what you said last night?" He asked, his cheeks were a little pink, I smiled as I felt myself blush too.

"Y-yeah, I meant it, of course" I made him blush even more.

"That was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me" his smile was growing wider, I looked down at my feet and smiled.

I remembered what Vic said about how many people Jack had been with, I wondered why none of them ever treated him nicely, because if the nicest thing ever said to him is what I said, no one fucking deserves Jack Barakat.
He deserves so much more than what he's given, and it angers me that the only reason he's a dick, is because he's been treated badly his whole life, and he deserves so much more.

"I was just telling the truth"

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