First period

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I walked into my first period class, which was always homeroom. I looked around to see if there was anyone in here I knew. Nope. I recognized faces but I didn't talk to any of them.

I found a seat in the far back corner and took out my all around binder. I liked to stay organized, or I would just fall apart. I looked at my schedule for the day.

It was an A day. There were two days, A and B. the only thing that changed was if we had gym or study hall. Everyone had homeroom first. Then I had PE, ugh PE in the morning is the worst. Then algebra, biology, french, english, photography, social studies, and health was last. I didn't really want to take photography, but I didn't want to take art or tech either.

I looked around the room, trying to read people's lips in their conversations. I kept to myself and pulled out a book to read until the teacher walked in.

"Sit," she instructed. Everyone did what she said and sat down.

She started calling off names for attendance, and I zoned out by the time she got to me.

"Johnson, Casey!" She practically screamed my name, but it brought me back to earth.

"Here." I said

"Next time pay attention." Ugh. What a great start to the day. She called off the rest of the names and then began to tell us the rules in her classroom.

Blah blah blah, respect, blah blah blah, no talking. Same old crap.

When she was done everyone started doing whatever they needed to do. I was reading "Looking for Alaska" when a note landed on my desk. I looked around, and saw nobody that would've thrown it.

I opened it up slowly and saw a drawing of a pig on it. What the hell? I looked around again, confused. When I looked one way, another note landed on my desk. I opened it up and it was a cow.

Ok, what the hell is going on. I looked up the row next to me and saw somebody doodling. It was Colin Braters. He was a stoner, so I'm guessing that he was stoned. But ya never know. I wrote a note back to him.

'What's with the animals?🐷' I smiled at myself for the piggy face I drew.

I threw the note up to him.

"Miss Johnson," I heard the teacher say my name. Shit, "come up here please."

I got up and looked down at the floor, cause I'm pretty sure everyone was looking at me. I got up to her desk. I read the name on her little name plate.

'Mrs Janes' it read in big bold letters.

"I will not tolerate this behavior in my classroom," she practically yelled at me, so the whole class could hear, "no more note passing, unless you want to go sit in the deans office. They've got tons of seats open for anyone that would like."

I looked up at her and she shooed me to go back to my seat. I turned around, still looking at the ground, and walked back to my seat. Thank god that the bell rang just then. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

Such a fantastic start to my first day.

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