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Cassidy's POV
I was chosen three years ago to be an angel. And now I'm eighteen. I was originally from Paris, London but now I live in Heaven. I was chosen by god while the others were chosen by the Creator. Other angles wings are beige while mine are pure white.

But my wings came with a price. I had to become a hunter and kill vampires and rouges that bothers packs. As for my hunters form my right eye is blue with no pupil and a fake scratch market and my left black. Both are contacts.

And the call me The Joker.

As for my angel form I have my normal waist length hair with my blue eyes and flawless face. I have a gold band with a crystal ball cartilage on my right ear and that's it. All angels have a flawless face but since I was chosen by god I got more looks than most.

A double D chest and full butt, a flawless face and toned stomach and legs.

I've heard wonderful things about earth from new chosen angels. And sometimes if ind myself looking over some people just to see what it's like. Heaven is boring no fun and games.

Hardly any color.

Heaven is just blah. And I wanna do something about that.

I plan on rebelling.

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