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Indastro wishes very much happy welcome for the coming year 2013.  We were thinking about coming closer to our viewers for a long time and now this 2013 provides us opportunity to do it practically. This coming year Indastro is very much enthusiastic to make its site more approachable for clients. Now Indastro is making some arrangements to get readily available for clients to be online quickly to resolve their queries. Video conferencing- enabling the expert online to provide help soon. It means no waste of time and energy and also waiting for contacting astro-expert. This will save energy with time. Viewers will be able to get guidance instantly. For us, our clients are the prime concern and quality matters us a lot. Indastro, has always committed to quality and will also maintain the same motto in the coming year too. Our long association with our permanent clients proves our commitment that makes our spirit strong to be here with you.

Indastro is also planning to launch astrological videos to come closer to our viewers. This will certainly enhance knowledge and interest of our visitors related to subject. Subjects will be mainly concerned to our viewer’s interest. Among our most popular astro readings – the one year ahead- that covers the four major areas of life- career, relations, finances and health is ready to deliver and predicts about how this coming year 2013 is going to be for you. Ask for your own personalized readings now

The year 2013 begins with major change of transit of nodes. Rahu-Ketu [Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail or North node-South node] to the previous sign will affect all of us certainly. How this is going to affect you – find it in our Rahu-Ketu Transit Report Similarly the change in transit of Jupiter to Gemini will also be revealed in the Jupiter transit Report that is personalized prepared for our esteemed clients.

Saturn is moving through Libra and those whose Moon is in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are going to get affected by it. This is known as transit of Saturn’s saadhe sati- predicted through our special report of Sadhe Sati explaining the effect of transit of Saturn along with time periods and remedies too

A vedic chart is made by date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is enumerated. But we have a few experts that are well versed in predicting the future even time of birth is missing and even date is also not known. This is known as Prashna – a special technique to predict which has shown awesome results. Get benefit by these readings, New fields on Numerology is also introduced and getting expanded this year. 

Apart from all regular features of numerous Astrological Readings that you can have from, You can get guidance about these readings – which is suitable to you by our helpful customer care that is available online from 9-30 am to 6-30 pm IST on working days are always there - ready to help you.

Vastu- a way of happy living – is spreading like a fire these days. Vastu is a science which is blended by architecture and interior decorating – that enables us to live harmoniously with our environment. This knowledge is very much effective and is practiced in ancient India and China [known as Feng-Shui]. It has scientific roots thus there are no ifs and buts in its effect. Indastro is providing its benefit to our prestigious clients by making its usage available online to all. Just you need to provide us with some information that our experts require to guide you.

With all these constructive changes, we wish that this coming year 2013 brings happiness and peace throughout the world.

Wishing you with Success and Prosperity!

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