Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Hey, (This is the author) this story was originally written for my friends as a joke and I kind of love it so I am releasing it, okay we're done with the notes here's the chapter

- Lex

Play "Ever Since New York" by Harry Styles now :)

Third Person Pov

As a brown-haired girl wanders through Time Square, slowly approaching the Chaos Café, she glances at her phone before thinking to herself about what could happen once she walks through those doors to meet her other two roommates. "Could they hate me? Or will we be friends? What's going to happen when I walk through this door?" She thought to herself as she approached the door handle she saw no one else in the place but two girls talking, one leaning on the counter and the other sitting on a stool. She reaches for the door ready for her new life to begin before slowly opening the door.

"You must be Daisy, am I correct?" a silvery blonde haired girl asks

"Yeah, that's me and your Kyra?" Daisy questions 

"Actually that's me, hey" a dark-haired girl corrects as she pops out from behind the counter before saluting with two fingers "Nice to meet you"

"Your Jade I presume?" Daisy asks

"Yup" Jade smiles "Alright well since the three of us have learned the names lets talk a bit more over some coffee" Jade proposes

"Alright well no better way to get to know each other than a friendly little game" Kyra pauses as she pours some coffee for the three girls "How about truth or truth?"

"Can we drink if we don't want to answer?" Jade questions

"I don't have any alcohol" Kyra states

"I got it" Jade says as she walks over to her bags and takes out a bottle of vodka "Will this do?"

"I guess so" Daisy says as she laughs before she herself moves her bags over to where Jade's is

"Jade, what's your reason for moving into the glorious apartment a few blocks down?" Kyra asks

"Just needed to get out of my town and got a job for some magazine" Jade explains and the game begins


As Daisy opens her eyes from the morning sun shining in her window, she grabs her phone and considering it being nine am she walks out into the kitchen and Jade and Kyra are sitting on the couch with their coffees in hand while talking

"Morning" Daisy greets

"Morning Daisy" Jade greets

"Morning Daisy, the Keurig is on the counter the cups are in the cabinet above it" Kyra informs

Daisy walks into the kitchen to make herself coffee because she has a feeling this is going to be an interesting Saturday. She went back over to the couch and sat down next to Kyra and the three of them started talking.

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