Same old people

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We boarded to school in silence, like we usually did. We liked having the little moment of silence where you can just take everything in. All our worries would be gone.

When we got there you could easily tell what people were in what group.

It starts with the jocks. They were out in the parking lot, standing next to there amazing cars and amazing cheerleader girlfriends. I honestly hated the cheerleaders, and the jocks. They're practically latched to each others sides. They think they run the place. Haha, no.

Then you see the geeks, who can only afford a bike. They're standing next to their bikes with pride and talking to each other about some science shit.

Then there were the stoners, obviously stoned. They were the group of kids where, if you got yourself into their drama, you don't get out. They were the ones who would only be in school for half the year, and the other half they would either be in jail or suspended.

There's the emo group. They sat in the corner of the cafeteria, listened to heavy metal, and usually wore really freaky clothes and makeup. They creep me out.

The loners. They're not technically a 'group' because, well, they're loners. They do their own thing.

Then there was us. By us I mean, me and my few friends. There's me, Brandon, Brianna, Cody, Aidan and Taylor. We were...weird. Its just the way we are. We like to speak our minds, but sometimes get ourselves in trouble by doing it.

We weren't really a well known group. Meaning, not everyone knows who we are, but we do. That's all that matters. I guess.

Brandon and I rode up to Bri and Cody who were standing with their boards.

"Yo," Cody said. Him and Brandon did their little bro hug thing. I never understood guys. They started talking so I went up to Brianna.

"How was your summer?" I asked her, "we didn't really talk all that much"

"It was good I guess. I honestly didn't do much. How was yours?" She asked me

"Uneventful." Before I could say anything else, Taylor was hugging me from behind. Taylor and I were really close. Practically sisters. I turned around and hugged her. I hadn't seen her in about a month. She was on a cruise with her family.

"I missed you so much!" She said, still hugging me. Our hug was interrupted by the school bell. We all grabbed our boards and went into the school. We went our separate ways, to our lockers. I hadn't seen Aidan yet, but his locker was right next to mine.

I walked up to my locker and looked at my hand where I wrote the combination. Before I knew it, Aidan was next to me.

"Hey Cas, how was your summer?" He unlocked his locker while talking to me. I couldn't get mine open.

"Good." I replied. It wasn't much of an answer, but I couldn't get my locker open.

"Need help?" He asked me. I laughed and stepped away so he could open my locker for me.

"Combo?" I showed him my hand.

Aidan and I were good friends. He's actually a really cute kid. He had green eyes and blond hair. He played basketball and he reminded me of Brandon.

He got my locker open on the first try. I thanked him, and grabbed my books for my first class. New year, same old people.

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