Chapter One: James pov

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Friday night was always crazy at the bar. People were always crowding the dance floor and the music was blasting from the speakers.
"James go out there." My friend Tyler says, his girl Dakota on his arm.
"Alright." I put down my beer and go to the dance floor.
I'm really reserved when it comes to socializing. Tyler knows that. But both of us just got back from a year in Iraq. He has his girl but I've got nothing.
"Hey handsome." a girl says, pulling me closer. She grinds her hips into mine, a devilish look in her eyes.
"I don't dance." I say, taking a step back.
"Tonight you will." She grabs my hands and puts them on her hips.
The nights a blur. I found out that the girls name is Haley and she comes from a military family.
"James?" Tyler asks, pulling me away from Haley. "Kota and I are going home, you should be too."
"I will. Haley and I will go back to my place in a bit." I walk back over to her an kiss her.
"J-James?" She asks. Smiling up at me.
"Yeah." she leans into me, almost knocking me over.
"Take me home." I pick her up and carry her to her car, her keys in my hand so I can find it.
I carry Haley to her apartment on the third floor and lie her on the couch. She curls into a ball so I go to find her a blanket.
There's one in the hall closet, so I grab it and gently place it over her
"Don't leave me alone." she whispers.
"I won't." I say brushing the hair away from her face. She's beautiful. He hair is a light brown that falls to her waist in soft waves. Her eyes are a bright grey and her lips are full and soft.
"Hey." she says, breaking me from my thoughts. "Kiss me again." I lean over her and capture her lips in my gently.
She slowly moves her hand to the inside of my elbow, the other to my cheek.
In the morning, I watch Haley sleep. She beautiful. Something catches my eye on her arm. Scars. I brushy thumb over them, but my phone rings so I go outside to the balcony and answer it.
"Captain James Ryan?"
"We have a time for you to come and train the recruiters."
"We would like you in Texas by the end of the month." He hangs up before I can say anything. I look at Haley's door. 2 weeks and I'll have to leave again. Haley walks by the door, stopping when she sees me out side. She opens the door and leans against it.
"Whatcha doing out here?" She asks
"Phone call. I didn't wanna wake you."
"I'm making breakfast if you want some." She says walking towards her kitchen. I sit on a bar stool and watch her pull out some food.
"You never told me what you do for a living." she points out.
"I'm a Captain in the army."
"You have to leave soon. That's what the phone call was?" She asks without turning around.
"Yeah. 2 weeks." I watch her crack an egg. "You hate that. Coming from a military family." I say. Though it's more of a question.
"Not really. My mom and dad left for the navy but never came back. Me and my brother were sent to our aunts. He signed up when he turned 18 and I never saw him again." Her voice is shaky so I get up and make her face me.
"I'm so sorry." I say.
" Yeah." She looks to the side. I see tears fall down her cheek so I brush them away.
"It's gonna be ok. I promise."
"You leave in 2 weeks. What are we gonna do? About us?"
"We'll work through it. Ok?"
"Ok." She hugs me tight, then lets go to continue cooking.

Hey guys. So this isn't my first book that I've written. I've just never put any up. Tell me what you guys think:)

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