Prince -

" Start from the top?"

Jermaine , our new producer producer or Alicia's Dad shall i say asked into the mic before taking a seat back into his black , leather chair, adjusting the frequency and pitch of the new song we were working on called ' All Mine' . Producing a song we've never really worked on is very stressful, knowing that we would have to go over it over and over again till we actually get it right. Jermaine is a cool cat but doing music with him really drains me out. I'm glad i'll have some energy to go to the club which Alicia invited me to tonight. She said it had something to to which Camilla with some dude. Camilla needs to stop dating so many damn boys.From what I see or the way I hear it, it makes her look and sound very easy.

I chugged down some of my Aquafina water before I walked back to the studio mic, clearing my throat. As Jermaine Start the music off, Prod began to sing .

" I guess it's official

See you don't wanna' kick it with a five star stunner like me

You got his initials , where my name used to be

Where my chain used to be , hey didn't I used to be that dude?

See you everywhere that I go, gotta' hear it from everybody that I know

I'm be trynna' keep it G like it's whatever, wishing you and me were back together

Girl I used to be used your superman, now I'm flying solo

You used to be one hundred with me , now you on the low low

Things ain't been the same , girl we ain't a thang' like we used to be, used to be, used to be

We used to be like Jay and Beyoncè, Brad and Angelina

Had never let the gossip and the rumors come between us

We ain't like we used to be, used to be, that used to be us "

" Good job boys! This is going to be a hit!" Jermaine exclaimed, as he rose up in standing ovation.

In return, we grinned and thanked him for creating the hit. We grabbed our belongings at headed to the door.

As I waited for all of the boys to exit the house, I heard footsteps descending from the stairs. It was more than likely to be Alicia.

" Dad I'm going to go to Starbucks, if you need anything just text me." Alicia calmly said, which gave the urge to turn around. Alicia wore Medium washed levi skinnies, floral bralet with a beige background,and a chestnut colored Cardigan, Paired up with brown moccasins, and her hair was pulled up into a bun, with some of her natural curls resting on her forehead . That second, we met each other's eyes and had eye connection.Her gorgeous Hazel eyes were mesmerizing. Everything zoned out for me. It seemed as if there was nobody else in type world. Just Alicia and I. The way Alicia ran up to me and gave me her signature bear hug.

Jermaine glanced at her, confusion plastered all over his face.

" Want to come to Starbucks with me?" Alicia whispered into my ear.

An " Mhm" Escaped my lips as Alicia and I pulled apart. I grew nervous the way Jermaine eye's went from Myself to Alicia. Caught up in an Awkward state, I slowly headed for the door, turning the knob, hoping her father wouldn't discuss anything of what just occurred.

" Baby girl, are you in some sort of relationship with Jacob?" Jermaine narrowed his eyes at her as he inquired Alicia , which made me turn around once again, looking at her face reaction. Before she answered her father, She looked at me in the eye for approval. I already know how her father is with boys from what she told me, Plus when I want to break it to her father, I want the moment to be special.I waved my hand across from my neck in a rapid motion , gesturing Alicia not say it.

" Uh...No" Alicia said warily, looking straight at her father.

" Alright love, you go have fun." Jermaine sighed in relief. With that, he marched back into his studio.

" Alright with that out of the ready to go?" Alicia asked, grabbing hold of my right hand.

" Yes Beautiful." I simply replied, walking out the door with Alicia, hand in hand.

" You know, we're taking my car right?" She chuckled, grabbing her keys out of her Levi skinny jean's pocket.

" Yes..yes I know" I playfully rolled my eyes and shook my head. Alicia unlocked the doors to her 2013 Camry. As we approached Alicia's Car, I pulled out my iPhone , Sliding the unlock button. I tapped Message and I texted John, Our personal driver that they could go without me, I had something to do. Alicia jogged to the passenger door , before I can even go to the other side of the rode.

" Here you go my prince" Alicia said in a British accent and took a bow, once she opened the car door, which caused me to laugh.

" Why thank you my madam ! Must I say, you look rather dashing my lady." I replied in a British accent, getting into the car.

" That British Accent was off, I think you can do better Jacob. The Only accent I think you can do is that Spanish one of yours" Alicia laughed at my Failure of an accent.

" Hey ! So you're trying to pull the racism card right?! Don't make me go there Alicia..." I joked with her, in a ghetto accent.

As Alicia turned on the ignition and began to drive, " So you're trying to say I'm ratchet?! Alicia Gasped ."You're the one with Unidentified Style!" She joked back, making a mean mug at me which didn't work. It only make me bust out in laughter.

" You've got to be kidding... Your whole appearance is ratchet." I calmly said, resting my head on the back of the seat.

" But you still love me" Alicia said Egocentrically

" You've got a point there"


We were now in the front of Starbucks. The more we were searching for a decent parking spot, the more agitated Alicia grew.

" Babe, there is a parking space that's good in the back over there." I said, pointing to the last decent parking spot.

" But that's too far!! I don't want to be walking so far just to get some drink at Starbucks."
Alicia pouted.

" Listen, just park down there. I'll handle the rest of the problems." I assured Alicia. Hesitantly, she drove to the parking stop I told her. Alicia turned the ignition off, removing the keys from the slot. As we both got out of the car, I jogged up to her side.

" Ok get on" I said, lowering my back low enough so she would be able to jump up. Alicia giggled as she hopped onto my back, wrapping her arms around my neck.

We walked into the store, once I let Alicia down my back, to enter the Cafe.We took our usual seat and began to order our food.~

Alicia P.O.V

" A Caramel Frappuccino.." Prince ordered to a rather tall lady with a dirty blonde hair color. The lady had a slim body but under the green apron, you'd notice she had a curvy figure.

" Mhm..what about you, miss?" The lady asked, turning to me with a genuine smile.

" Um... A Vanilla Chai Latte?"

" Alright, I'll be back with your drinks in a moment. You guys make a cute couple...if you guys are together" The waitress cooed, flashing a smile before returning to the kitchen.

" We are though..." Prince said silently, looking out the window to his left. " Remember the day I asked you out on this very table ?" He asked, looking if he was in deep thought.

" Yeah.." I cooed sweetly " The very same day that you woke me up, three hours before the date had even started. I couldn't go back to sleep!" I joked, nudging him across the table.

" As I've told you before....I have that charm on ladies. Why do you think they call me Princeton?" Prince asked, his voice filled with cockiness. He sat back, with a sly smirk plastered onto his lips.

I playfully rolled my eyes at his arrogant manner until he exclaimed.

" Oh! That reminds me... Remember, Love Day is coming soon." Prince said , flashing his genuine smile, grabbing my hands across the table, rubbing it in affection.

" I thought you'd be the one forgetting it"

" Oh no, this one is very special " Prince grinned.

" what's so special about this one?" I inquired as both of our drinks were handed on top of a porcelain plate. We both thanked the waitress before she left, helping other customers and so on.

" You'll find out...Just know its going to be good" Prince said, taking a sip of his Frappuccino.

We discussed other topics but the only thing which really lingered on the back of my head is what he said earlier...

" This one is very special"

" You'll find out..Just know its going to be good"

Those two phrases made me anticipated till Love Day arrives, which is in a couple of weeks.

-Later on :

" I'll be waiting for you downstairs!"

Prince shouted from downstairs. Tonight was Saturday, The night of the party Camilla invited Jacob and I to. It was at a club in the city Region of California. The name of the Club was Called Paradise. I was too hyped, I haven't been in a decent club in a minute. I was fresh out the shower, Flat ironing my hair. After my hair process was over , I went through my walk in closet, in search for a style to wear for the party tonight .

( Alicia's Outfit : )

I took one last look at my outfit before leaving. I took a picture of my outfit and posted it onto istagram.

As I descended from the polished wooden stairs, I noticed more M&M wrappers and I took each step down. Once I was fully down the steps, I noticed the whole living room floor covered with M&M wrappers and with prince, Sprawled onto the couch, Watching Adventure Time, his all time favorite cartoon TV show. Prince was wearing a Denim button down shirt, dark washed skinnies, and all white Jordan 11's. he was piled down with chains and you could've tell that he applied gel by the edges of his hair and mouse to emphasize his natural curls.

" Jacob, can you explain all of this?" I inquired, as I moved my arms around , gesturing that I've noticed the vast varieties of M&M wrappers scattered across the living room.

" You were taking forever, Plus I was bored" Prince casually shrugged . He rose up from his comfort position and grabbed all of the wrappers. He tossed them into the garbage and sighed " Happy?"

" Ecstatic" I said sarcastically, turning off the TV.

" I know what you want Alicia.." Prince smirked, approaching me. Once he was a couple of inches away in distance, He gently pinned me to the wall.

" I'm sorry Alicia for making a mess all over the room with M&M wrappers okay? It was wrong and I shouldn't of have done it." Prince said sincerely yet impatiently. He was rubbing up and down my back, inching his way further to kiss me.

"Stop it i'm mad at you" I whispered.

"Not for long" Prince whispered back.

He crushed his lips against mine not hesitating to tongue kiss me. I wanted to be pissed at him, but Lord his lips just did something to me. The way that they softly kiss mine always sent heat to my lips, leaving me breathless and unable to exhale for long periods of time. Then when he pulls away I can still feel his body on me, I can feel his lips lingering on mine, I can still smell his cologne, and I can still taste his tongue making me feel like he never left.

" Are you still mad?" Prince said, finally pulling back from the kiss which felt like minutes passing by slowly.

" No " I said, being be able to speak coherently after that long of a kiss.

" Didn't think you'd be... C'mon lets get going before the club is too packed." Prince said, grabbing hold of my left hand.

We advanced towards his Dark Blue BMW convertible. Prince opened the passenger door,waiting for me to get inside the car. Once I was inside, he closed the door shut and jogged to the other side of his car.


We were now at the club " Paradise" and let me tell you, it was LIVE. Neon colored lights flashed brightly all over the building. The Music was dope and had great quality.The club was packed with people interacting with each other, people around the bar, and of course people dancing. Prince and I held each other's hands tightly , to avoid getting lost from the vast crowd.

" Alicia! Alicia! Alicia!" A very familiar voice rang through my ears. As the voice began to sound clear, I could tell it was Camille. She was waving her hand in the air until she saw me.

" Alicia! What's up girl! I saw you from the entrance and boy was it a long time trying you to notice me." Camilla greeted me with a hug and prince also. Behind Camilla was the same dude we laid eyes on in the mall. Prince and Chris were already give each other handshakes and chatting together as if they already knew each other for a long time. Camilla and I both looked at their interaction but shrugged.

Camilla gestured me to come along with her we walked up to a glass table with two shiny black stools across from each other. We both took a seat and began with our conversation.

" Must I say, your outfit!" Camilla exclaimed, admiring my outfit.

" Thanks " I chuckled. " Do they know each other?" I asked Camilla, Referring to Chris, Camilla's date and Prince.

" Don't even have a clue" Camilla shrugged, drinking a shot that was already in her hand. " oh my God, Chris is like really sweet!" She gushed, as she sighed dreamily.

" He picked me up around seven and we went to his house. He introduced me to his mother and he was all nervous from the car ride to the club" Camilla finished, spinning her IPhone onto the glass table in a circular motion. Right on cue, Prince and Chris arrived. As Chris approached Camilla, Prince advanced to my direction. As Prince and I headed by him, a decided to ask him a question that stuck in the back of my head.

" How do you know Chris?" I asked, taking a seat in one of the stools

" Oh! Well...Chris and I went to the same dance class when we were younger" Prince said whilst ordering a ' Lemon Drop' Shot.

" Can I try some of that?" I asked shyly as I spun around the stool.

" Babe you sure? It's kind of powerful if you ask me." Prince asked me cautiously, cocking an eyebrow.

" Are you even supposed to be drinking that? You're driving tonight, remember ?" I asked , holding my arms to my chest.

" Obviously. That's why I'm only having this." Prince said, indicating the only shot he had in his hand.

I shrugged and set my focus to the bartender. I ordered the same shot prince was drinking and paid the bartender.



You sure you really want to drink that?" I asked shockingly. I was appalled that Alicia was about to take a shot. Knowing her, she never discussed the topic of alcohol from all I know plus she doesn't even look like the type to ever drink.

" Yes, yes Jacob " Alicia said, flipping me off.

" Well Alright" I shrugged , watching her if she'll actually take the full shot .As the took the shot, she coughed whilst rubbing her throat.

" It burns doesn't it? I told you it was powerful." I snickered

" why didn't you tell me?!"

" I DID tell you! You were being the stubborn one and you ordered the shot yourself" I said , shaking my head. " You don't know how to take shots the proper way. You're a newbie when it comes to this."

Alicia playfully rolled her eyes and set the halfway drank shot onto the table. As I downed the rest of her shot, 2 Reasons by Trey Songz began to blast through the Club's Speakers.

" This is my song!! C'mon ! This is a song we definitely dancing to!" Alicia impatiently pulled me to the crowd, onto the dance floor. Once the beat drop, Alicia began to twerk on me.I bit my lip and moved to the beat with her as her booty bounced on me. A slight rise was bursting out of my boxers making me a little bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. The harder and longer she twerked on me, the harder of a time I was having lowering it down.
All eyes were Turned to us, mainly Alicia. It seemed as if Alicia couldn't of care less, Like it was just Alicia and I on the dance floor.

The song faded, into a new one. During the night we met up with Chris and Camilla and we were partying all night long. Half of the time, Chris was whispering into her ear, making her giggle. Chris is cool but if he takes my cousin as a one night stand, shit would be on and poppin. I just don't want her go through all of those heartbreaks like she always have. That's why I'm very over protective with her when it comes to her and sleazy ass boys. What can you expect? She's very careless in her mind and choose boys only for attractiveness, to blind to see that they only want her for a certain thing, her body. With all the bond We share together. She's technically a sister to me. We both didn't get the chance to know how having a real father was like, that's why our bond is so strong. My aunt Isabella was very vulnerable as a teenager. Boys used to take so much advantage of her. One in particular played her and left her with a child to take care of all on her own which is Camilla . Her father was too much of low class coward to step up to the plate and take care of his own child. It's still a touchy subject to aunt Isabella to this day about her baby's father. Main reason I don't want Camilla to turn out like her mother. I don't want her to encounter that emotional pain that could scar her for life.

Abruptly halting my thoughts, glass bottles were thrown into the air mixed with yelling and shouting coming from different directions, leading to Chris punching an unknown dude onto the floor with Camilla crying by the side. Alicia tried helping Camilla up but refused to leave on any terms. It all went in slow motion, which led me to ask....

What the hell just happened?

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