Chapter Two: Can you Not!?

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(Harry and Reagan's house)

When they got to their house, Rae ran up stairs to put her backpack away. Harry yelled up the stairs, "Rae the boys are going to come over for a bit, okay?" "Ight!" She yelled down stairs. She ran into her room. The door suddenly burst open and in ran 4 energetic boys. "Rae! I missed you!" All the boys yelled at once. She ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Only one of the four boys followed her. "You okay, love?" Her favorite voice asked her. "Yea. Why?" She asks. "Just wondering." Liam replies with a smile. Rae smiles back. "I just needed some space from those rambunctious boys." She replied. Liam took her hand and together they walked to her room. They heard yelling. "You sure you want to go back in there?" He asks sweetly. "Yea, I think so." Rae replies and pushes open the door with her free hand, just to be met with a pillow in the face.

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