Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

They were awoken by sunlight streaming through the window. Beth was on top of Daryl with his arms around her. Beth squinted at the sunlight and turned her gaze to the man in front of her. She always thought he was handsome but when he slept he looked so peaceful and with the sunlight shining and a smile playing on his lips she admired him. She had never looked at anyone else this way. The look of complete love and admiration. Trust and hope. They had weaknesses for each other they knew it but that was what there love was. Admiration, love, hope, and strength.

"Wake up, Mr. Dixon."

He opened his eyes to beth leaning over him with love in her eyes. She kissed him on the lips and rolled to her side.

"Well you slept in later than I'd expect." The blanket wasn't covering her anymore. She knew what she was doing and she about laughed hysterically at Daryl's look. His eyes were wide and his mouth was dropped. She got up and went to gather her clothes shaking her hips.

"Pick your mouth off the ground, Mr. Dixon your gonna be seein a lot more of this."

He smirked. She played him like a violin. Knew what he was thinking knew his moves. Knew everything.

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