Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

They began to kiss once inside and there outer garments were thrown off. Beth began to unbutton Daryl's shirt. He stopped her hand.

"You sure?"

She smiled.

"Completely utterly positive."

She threw his shirt on the ground and jumped into his arms. She traced the scars on his back. He lifted her shirt off her head and through it down and locked the door.

They made love together. It both being there first time. He played with her hair that was now cascading down her shoulders.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are. "

"About 500 times."

"Well your beautiful."

"501. Have told you how much I love you."

"About 5,000 times."

"Well I love you a lot."


"You love it."

"I do. But not as much as I love you."

He took a deep breath.

"I know we were just joking earlier but I wanna find you a ring a symbol that your mine."

She looked at him.

"If your asking me to marry you then, hell yeah I'll marry you!"

"I love you."

"I love you more."

"I doubt that."

"I do I really truly love you."

"I adore you, Beth Dixon."

She smiled really wide at her new name.

"Kiss me."

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