Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Rick walked over to Daryl and Beth sitting next to each other.

"Are ya serious about not going to Washington?"


They said in unison. Rick looked at them with shock in his eyes.


They looked at each other then at Rick.

"Doesn't seem like where we need to be."

Beth said it with a strength in her voice.

"Your gonna leave us?"

"Don't see it as that way ,Rick. We just.... they don't understand us the way we do each other and I feel if we go it'll be a mistake. Me and Beth well... we give each other a sense of hope and I feel down inside that Washington is gonna were that down."

He looked down.

"We're ya gonna go?"

They looked at each other.

"We were stayin at this one place before Beth got taken. Might head there."

The next morning they were getting ready to go to Washington. Rick told the group Daryl and Beth were leaving and the look of shock overcame there faces. Maggie started to cry. She ran over to beth and locked her in a hug. She pulled back.

"Why? Why do this. Why go with him when you can do so much better."

Beth took Maggie's hands.

"I can't do any better. He is my everything without him I feel like stone with him it's unexplainable. I can't go to Washington, Maggie. Wouldn't be right."

"My little sis became a woman."

She smiled.

"Good luck. You treat her right.

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