Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

That night they sat by the fire. Beth and Daryl as close as humanly possible.

"Why don't you sing?"

She glared at Maggie. She didn't understand.

"I.. Uh... I can't."

Singing was something personal and something she hadn't done since the funeral home. It scared her. If she sung would she be weak again.

Daryl nudged her. His eyes pleading.

"Please finish that song."

And the words flowed.

"It's unclear now what we intend

We're alone in our own world

And you don't want to be my boyfriend and I don't wanna be your girl

And that's a relief

We'll drink our grief

And pine for summer

And we'll buy a beer to shotgun

And we'll lay in the lawn

And we'll be good

Now I'm laughing at my boredom

And my string of failed attempts

Cause you think that it's important

And I welcome the sentiment

And we'll talk on the phone at night

Until it's daylight and I feel clever

And I hear a slow in your speech

Yeah your half asleep

Say goodnight"

The love in Daryl's eyes made her almost faint.

Everyone went to bed but beth snuck into Daryl's tent and no words were exchanged he just wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep with a smile.

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