one in the same

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Hi my name is mya and i think that guy is nice and cute his house is huge for him to live alone but i dont plan on stayin long.
I got out the shower and put on a pink tank top pink thigh high socks and black shorts.
I grabbed my pink and blue duffle bag and found my way to the living room

Me: my name is mya and i came here from new york 2 days ago because i was the queen of the streets and all my people got killed i wanted to leave before i got killed to so i came here and im lookin for a place to fit in in the game i been in the game since i was 12 and a killer since 13 imma real ass G and you only got two chances before i get my pink duffle bag on ya

Him:my name tyga and im the king of the streets i was a dealer but all the people under me do it now  all i do is kiil when i need to and count my money i been in da game since i was 14 i took over when my dad died because thats all i new my momma was a hoe and got killed by one of her pimps

Me:i left because my mom boyfriend rapped me she didnt care so at 12 the streets became my best friend and her boyfriend killed her and i killed him at 13 thats really when shit got real for me but ill be out ya hair as soon as i can find away back in the game

Tyga:ma i think you found it because im the king and with you  we'll be the king and queen of compton

That sounds good i think i might just accept his offer

Me: okay ill be your queen but can we just chill im tired and freezin cold and missed love and hiphop

Ty:yea ma of course ill be right back

He came back with basket ball shorts on and no shirt a pillow and cover he sat down put the pillow on his lap a gestured me to lay down i did and he said

Ty:your really beautiful
Me:thanks you sexy as hell son(i said in a sleepy voice while yawning)
Thats the last thing i remember before i feel asleel but i think this might just go well its like we're one in the same i feel like i can trust him

Aawwwww omg they cute and that whole king and queen thing is cute asf

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