Chapter 1

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        Peter started up the stairs in the Meyer's Manor. The creeks of the boards screeched with each step. Meyer's Manor was an old raggedy three story house with burnt wood, blood stains, and the gruesome memories of the past.

        "I'll be back mother I have to go do something in my room." screamed Peter.

        "Hurry back for supper!" screeched mother.

        Peter walked slowly into his room. His room was an average room for a teenage boy. Posters of his favorite sports teams, and an old dusty TV. These things are just decoys. Behind those sports posters are pictures of hot supermodels, and those spruce wood drawers were filled with knives and guns he had stolen from his parents over the years.

        Peter was a troubled kid. He had a disorder known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Kids at school would call him two-faced,or double Peter. He could be nice at times, and other times he could raise hell. Peter took the biggest knife he had, and locked the door to his bathroom.

        He slashed the knife across his veins. Dark red blood pourd out and splattered all over his floor. Peter wasn't cutting himself because he was depressed, but because he enjoys the sight of blood. He took the blood from his arms and wrote Death on his mirror. This was no ordinary teen.

        He washed the blood off his hands and, hurried down the stairs to his steaming dinner of fish and vegetables. He sat at the table with in silence. Peter and his family waited for sarah(his sister) to come home from her job.

        Doorbell Rings

        Mrs. Meyer gets up slowly, and walks to the door. The door bell keeps ringing, but when Mrs. Meyer opens the door; she screams. She runs back in the door with blood all over her hands, and shes covering a stab wound on her side. The blood gives peter a little rush that turns into a little shout. Sarah is not the one at the door.

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