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- IT WAS now Bora's favorite time of the day. The time that made being at school not so bad,

Walking to the cafeteria Bora and Jukyung talked about their interest getting to know each other. The two girls ignored the looks they received from other students.

"What do you think is on the menu today?" Bora asked linking her arm with Jukyung's. "I hope it's something tasty." Junkyung smiled looking at her.

"Same, we should really hang out sometime outside of school. Are you free this weekend?" Bora looked forward as they stepped inside the cafeteria.

Jukyung's eyes went wide and her smile grew. "Yes! I'm free this weekend. What should we do?" She said excitedly bouncing up and down making Bora giggle. "Whatever you want to do." Bora grabbed a lunch tray and moved to where the food was.

The two girls sat down at the lunch table joining Soojin and Soo-ah.

"Bora, since you're back now shall we do something fun?" Soo-ah asked looking at the other two girls.

"We should, actually I asked Jukyung if she was free this weekend. What should we do." Bora asked the girls as she started eating her food.

"How about a sleepover?" Soojin spoke up, Sooah clapped her hands with excitement. "Jukyung, Bora throws the best sleepovers in the world we always stay up late exploring her house and making tiny forts." Soo ah spoke as the memories came rushing back to her.

"I remember one time we almost burned her house down." Soojin crosses her arms leaning back in her seat. "Almost burned down the house?" Jukyung eyes widen as she looked at the trio, they nodded.

Bora was going to speak up but was interrupted by a loud noise. She turned her head and watched as Seojun walked towards their table.

Pulling out of the seat next to Jukyung Seojun sat down and stared at her, looking past her he made eye contact with Bora and chuckled.

"Is it because of the helmet?" Jukyung asked grabbing his attention. He looked back at her "No." a smirk painted his face as his eyes met with Bora's "I came to eat with you."

Looking away Bora rolled her eyes taking a bite of her food. She knew Seo Jun like she knew the back of her hand and He's playing a dangerous game.

"Seo Jun!" Suho's voice boomed through the cafeteria as he walked over picking him up by his uniform. Seo jun got up and the two boys glared at each other.

Not wanting to watch anymore Bora got up and walked out of the cafeteria ignoring Soojin who called out to her.

Bora didn't leave because she hated violence if anything the girl was intrigued by drama loved to watch it, hear it. But when it involves her friends she tends to get overwhelmed.

Hating how two of her friends go at each other's throats, she steps in and tries her best to understand both sides of the story so she can help out

But this was different Seo jun, Suho, and Bora aren't friends anymore. It hurts to see those who she cared about (and still does) show hatred for each other. In this situation, Bora felt helpless

And she hates feeling helpless.

But she couldn't help the thought that was creeping at the back of her head as she walked towards the bathroom.

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