Chapter 159: Night Changes

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Evelyn’s seat was too close to Zayn’s, not by her choice. His arm hung casually over the head rest. His thumb occasionally brushed against the bare of her shoulder throughout the night. He was close, she could smell his cologne, the scene of the ocean, almost as magnificent as he was.

All cynical stares aside, the Royals had been good company. They were nice in a vulgar, no personal space sort of way. They behaved differently to what Evelyn anticipated. They behaved not like egocentric gods. Sure, they were arrogant, they saw highly of themselves and that reflected in the way they spoke to others who were not a Royal, the rest of the world who were not a part of their private and exclusive club. But, they spoke to each other, of the Royals who were not fortunate enough to be present for this intimate dinner, with the highest of respect and love—occasionally insults and snippy remarks were past, as families do. Evelyn was unsure whether these people really loved each other as much as they portrayed, or if they were just very good actors. She hoped it was the former.

Wine and laughter flowed freely the whole night. Fine cuisines atop plates worth small fortunes were served. Evelyn looked around the room. Each man and each woman who sat around this roundtable held enough riches and power of a mighty Kind or Queen. They were the Royals, the most powerful men and women Earth had ever known. Together, they possessed more than 90% of the world’s wealth. Yet, they all bowed down to Zayn. All night, the Royals had been awfully cautious of the one man whose presence reigned the room. The table they gathered around was circular, without edges, supposedly equal, but it was stark clear Zayn was the head. When he spoke, the room quietened and everyone sat a little straighter to listen to him. Admiration and love prevailed in those cold eyes. Each and every one of these vampires were devoted to Zayn. He was their maker, and they would all sacrifice their lives for him unhesitatingly. 

Never had Zayn disguised his power, nor undersold himself to her. Still, it wasn’t until now did Evelyn see the full power and capability of Zayn Nocturne Malik. He was no King, he was a god. The god whom kings and queens bowed down to. His intensive stare made oxygen perish within her lungs, made her chest tighten and a stifling pressure press down upon her chest.

A servant placed a golden rimmed, stemmed ruby glass on the spot next to her plate, and Zayn poured plentiful of wine into it. The red of the ruby and the red of the wine blend in together, eclipsing the colours.

“Drink,” he said. Evelyn couldn’t tell whether his tone was commanding or soft.

She winced. The wine looked unpleasing, despite knowing it was the elite of the elites. It wasn’t the first time of the night Zayn offered her alcohol, it was the sixth. She had turned down the first five offered, opted for water and juices, so why had he asked again?

Evelyn shook her head meekly. She remembered those cautionary words from earlier in the day, the ones said by Marcus, of how the vampires of the world hung on to Zayn’s every word and viewed him as a celestial being, meant to be worshiped. Within the solidarity of only his presence, she was brave, but under the scrutinising eyes of his followers, her bravery wavered. She feared what the men and women of this table would do to avenge their King’s pride if she said anything out of line—or more specifically, what they’ll do to her family and those she loved.

She picked up her glass of orange juice to accentuate her decision and she swore a muscle in his jaw ticked. He looked infuriated but said nothing.

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