Chapter 157

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Longest chapter ever lol.

I thought about cutting it, but then I was like, Nah... I hope you kids enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it! Eep. Remember to comment your reactions as you read, and by heavens, BELIEVE ME you will feel a lot of emotions. This is likely my favourite chapter I've ever read, or second favourite... after Ashton's death scene and Zayn sobbing over his child... hehe. 


Evelyn was thankful for those horrifically annoying, heavy steel doors because they saved her life. They were heavy, opening was a job which requires both hands. Evelyn placed the white rose back in its hiding place before crossing to room to pull open the mass of steel with both hands. Evelyn would have asked what went through Zayn's mind when he decided such inconvenient feature was suitable for her room. She would have, but she knew it was a deliberately placed obstacle between her and any sort of free will. 

When the hefty door slowly swung open under her human strength, Zayn’s face came into view. He stood at her door in a three-piece suit, looking as handsome and breathtaking as ever. He nodded courteously when he saw her. Evelyn refrained her eyes from urge to grab the white rose, out of sight in her bedside draw. Guilty consciences, a terribly powerful and dangerous thing. I have nothing to be guilty of, she told herself this immediately. Her hand gripped the glass handle of her door. 

“What are you doing here?”

Zayn shrugged. “This is my home.”

“Don’t you have important rule-the-world things to be getting on with?”

“I made time for my favourite girl,” he smirked as if they were a couple normal, the typical kind, the kind you see holding hands on the streets. His eyes were clear brown and they were beautiful, not the murky black she had grown used to. He strode into the room, his confident stride suggested he owned the place—which he did. 

Evelyn rolled her eyes. “Did I say you could come in?”

“Could I come in?” Zayn’s body was in front of hers for a second, so close their bodies almost touched. If she tilted her head up a couple of degrees, their lips would have met. His lips tickled the tip of her nose. The moment was sensual, too sensual. She turned away and backtracked to put distance between their bodies.

“If I say no, would you leave?”

His hand touched her side. “I don’t want to leave. But you are too stubborn. If you really wanted me out, I guess I would have to leave if I want to avoid another one of our savage fights.” His index finger touched her chin and gently guided her head to face him. His stared at her intently. His eyes were so clear, a brown so beautiful it was close to the colour of gold. “For me to leave, is that what you want, my darling?”

Evelyn wasn’t used to Zayn asking for her opinions nor permission. She wondered if this had anything to do with Lucifer bothering her recently instead of him. Was this the real Zayn, the Zayn who’s sober of Lucifer’s influences? She didn’t know, she didn’t know how the laws of beings like Lucifer—or as Zayn like to call it, the Darkness—functioned and if they obeyed to laws such as, not being able to be at two places at the same time.

“You can stay if you behave.”

He winked, grabbed her hand and placed it on his ass. “Baby, you can spank me if I misbehave.”

Evelyn’s cheeks burned. She pushed him away more, but soon felt the coldness of Zayn’s body behind hers. His hands were on her shoulder when she ventured to the middle of the room. “Am I officially forgiven?” he asked innocently. He kissed the base of her neck. “I don’t like it when we fight.”

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