Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The snuggled close to each other not wanting to leave each other's side. He held her hand.

The group couldn't help but notice the closeness. Maggie was surprised at the hesitance that her sister had to hug her. She won't forget she hugged Daryl before her.

Rick was surprised at the feeling it seemed Daryl had for Beth. He wouldn't let go of her hand. Forget about her going more than a meter away.


He turned around it was Rick.


"Can I talk to you?"


He was reluctant to let go of Beth's hand and the look she had on her face look like she didn't want to either.

"Be right back. "

She nodded.

Rick led him away from the group.

"What's going on with you and Beth?"

"What do you mean?"

He knew what he meant their eyes when they looked at each other let everyone know their was a deep relationship.

"You look at her like she's the most perfect thing you've ever seen."

He resisted the urge to say she is.

"There's just a understanding between us."

"It's more than that everyone can see it."

He was silent.

"I used to look at Lori like that."

Daryl looked down.

"You don't have to admit it but you can't deny it to yourself."

He wasn't. He wasn't denying it to anyone he just didn't want to say it by himself. Beth gave him the strength to say it. But he couldn't say it alone.

Rick walked back.

Daryl placed himself beside Beth. She didn't seem phased by the group. She rested her head on he's shoulder and placed her hand in his. Some looked confused. Others looked content. But Maggie looked angry.

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