Untitled Part 7

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Chapter 7

He picked her up felling her warmth and her form pulled into his. Her breath on his neck and his breath on hers. They both began to cry holding each other close as possible. He didn't try to muffle it she knew she was there and that's all he needed. He tried pull away but she pressed him back into her embrace.

"Your sister-"

"I don't care."

That caught him by surprise. He could feel her smile on his neck.

"I need to talk to you later."

She pulled away.


He watched as she embraced everyone and he was happy although he wanted to feel that same feeling again.


Everyone caught Beth up on everything. He saw her fright when they mentioned terminus. But then they started talking about him.

"Daryl said he ran after you for two days."

"Daryl dragged me in the car."

"Daryl insisted we go and get you."

Her smile made him feel proud.

Everyone settled down and darkness came across the sky. She sat next to him and nudged his shoulder.

"It's later."

He grabbed her hand and led her to the woods. When they were away he spoke up.



He could see her confusion.

"You changed my mind."


It was the same Oh from the funeral home. The Oh that made his heart drop. The Oh that never was finished.

"I missed you."

"I misse-"

"No not just miss you. I couldn't live. I felt everything was gone. I did more than just miss you."

"Me too."

Deep down he told himself she didn't but she did he could see it.

"Daryl your the reason I came back."

Then before he could even think he said it.

"I love you."

He eyes started to water. He could see a look of surprise and a look of recognition.

"I love you too."

And with that he kissed her.

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