1 year after gus died

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It been a year without Augustus Waters in the world. It feels like Isaac and I are the only ones who still care that he is gone. His parents moved to Mississippi. they couldn't handle seeing the town and living in the house were there dead son use to live in. Isaac and I are still friends. Really good friends. I am actually starting to like like him. But nobody could be my Augustus. I invited him over to hang out. my mom came in my room.

"Do you knock" I said.

"Sorry sweetie but Isaac is here."

He walked in the room. I screamed. he was visiting New York for a cancer perk. he met his favorite video game creator and helped them make a new game. he was there for a month. I reached out to hug him. we sat down on my bed.

"I lied to you hazel." Isaac said.

"What? How?" I said confused.

"I was getting surgery down on my eyes"

"What" I said

" It is a muti process surgery. It takes 2 weeks for healing."

"What does the surgery do that you had to go away for so long." I asked.

" I will be able to see again."

I cried tears of joy.

"Tha-that's amazing."

"I can finally see your face again."

I blushed. he was such a sweetheart.

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