Chapter 3

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Here is Jenn. The ever beautiful Emily Rudd. :)


Iggy hadn't even thought about how much food he had bought (due to his extremely fast metabolism because of the mutant wings part) until Jenn had offered to help him carry some.

She never made a snide remark, though, like most would, and that made him feel a strange warmth in his chest.

"Hey Iggy?" Jenn asked as she stuffed some of her chicken tortilini into her mouth.

They were sitting on the small concrete boarder around the grass in Bryant Park.

Iggy felt so awkward because he was 6'2" and his knees were almost level with his head.

Okay maybe that was an exaggeration. But it sure as hell felt like it.

"Yeah?" He spoke through his panini.

"Is Iggy your real name?"

Iggy thought for a moment, contemplating her intentions.

His inner Max was kicking in but she had asked him innocently and she was probably just curious.

"No," he said. She waited patiently as he swallowed his food and continued, "My real name is James."

Jenn noticed his mood change and she couldn't decide whether or not to speak.

"Wanna know something?" She asked, gently putting her hand on his.


"I've always loved the name James."

"Yeah?" He turned his head to her.

"Yeah. I even considered naming my kid that."

Iggy smiled vaguely for a moment then, "...Jenn?"


"Will you still call me Iggy?" He asked her quietly, facing the ground between his legs.

"Of course." She smiled, "I think it fits you better."

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