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There is a monster deep inside me,

Fighting to take control

I'm fighting a battle that will never end

The monster grows stronger, faster, and smarter.

Losing the battle, the monster takes control.

It makes me lash out at people

I say things I don't mean

It controls my every movement

I am alone in this battle with my self

The ugly beast controls me from the inside out

On the outside people say I'm beautiful

But on the inside I'm hideous

How can something so hideous, be beautiful?

It can't

I'm hideous on the inside and out

I want to change it but I can't

The monster has gotten too big and strong

No one can help me,

No one can save me from this monster I have created

I build up walls, to block people out

So they can't see this monster

People have tried to break the walls down,

None have succeed yet, some have given up

Some are still trying.

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