3. Communication

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The most vital part of writing together is communication. It can make your task simple, or painfully difficult. Communication also depends on how comfortable you are with each other, and how much personal information you want to disclose. There are multiple effective ways to communicate.

Talking: By far the most straightforward way to communicate. If you don’t want to exchange phone numbers, you can use free accounts to voice call, such as Facebook, Skype, and Google.

Video call: The most open form of communication. You can use video to your advantage, in order to do things like brainstorming or writing notes together. There are lots of programs that do video calls, such as Skype, Facetime, and Google.

Chatting: You can use Wattpad to chat directly. In order for this method to be efficient, you should both be competent at typing. It is also good to establish whether it’s alright to use ‘Texting talk’ in your conversations. i.e. R u writing chp. 8?

Texting: I discourage this last one, as it can be frustratingly slow. However, texting can be useful to practice writing together (see chapter 5). There are a huge amount of texting applications, if you find this method works for you. Some well known texting programs are; Facebook, Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google chat/hangouts.

If you know of any other good communication methods, please comment.

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