Love Is

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It warms my heart.

Makes me feel fuzzy throughout.

Just by the way you look at me,

I have not a doubt.

You make me smile,

and you make me feel content.

You are my one and only.

It feels like a never-ending event.

We are perfect for one another.

There is no lie in that,

we belong together.

It is such a strong word,

that means a lot.

The representative bird,

white doves, so beautiful.

Eyes sparkle, bright and clear,

It is a blessing you are ready to feel this way.

I am right in front of you, right here.

I have deep emotions for you as well,

We fell hard for each other now its time,

to live our life together through heaven and hell.

Now is the time to say what we desire.

My words will return yours and never disappoint.

This way of thought will bring us higher.

I love you.

I love you too.

The love spreads through the room.

Never-ending love.

Makes love seem like a flower in bloom.

The Love.



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