-𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝟩-

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The four of you squished through the crowd, trying to get to the living room. On the way there you had to stop though. You spotted Suna in the crowd, sitting on the couch in the smoke corner. He had girls on the left and right of him. He was holding a blunt in one of his hands and a girl's ass with the other.

His neck had some dark purple marks along it and his eyes were clearly red from smoking.

The girl was sitting on his lap and practically sharing her tongue with him. From time to time he would pull away to take a hit from his blunt and exhale the smoke into the girls face.

He's got hoes hm...

Suddenly you noticed that he was looking at you. His lips may have been occupied by the girl, but his eyes were clearly occupied by you.

He slowly pulled away from the kiss and shooed the girl off of his lap, which she clearly got pissed at. He got up and slowly walked over to you, not breaking eye contact.

Sexual tension was in the air, but Atsumu cut it off by screaming, "SPIN THE BOTTLE IN THE LIVING ROOM!"

Some people got up and made their way to the living room, others stayed on the dance floor or by the drinks.

You looked back where Suna was standing, but he was no where to be seen. You shook it off and went to the living room where Maya was already waiting for you. You sat down in the circle next to her and saw some familiar faces. You saw guys from the volleyball team, some classmates and also Suna.

"Basically, you spin the bottle and the person that it lands on has to kiss you. If you do not want to kiss a person, you will both have to take a shot" Atsumu explained. He got out the bottle, "who wants to go first?"

Silence fell over the room.

"No one? You pussies, I'll start" Atsumu chuckled and spun the bottle, everyone was watching closely, full of anticipation. Finally, the bottle stopped spinning and landed on...


That lucky bitch got her crush as her first kiss of the night.

She crawled over to Atsumu and gave him a long and passionate kiss. You were lowkey shipping in the background and snapped a pic to tease her with later on.

Some other people started to spin it and many people were either kissing or taking shots. A girl from you class was spinning the bottle and it landed in you, meaning you had to kiss her. It was no big deal to either of you.

You steadily crawled over to her. You both started to make out passionately and slowly, hearing "ooo"s from the people around you. To be honest, guys were pigs for finding this attractive, but what could you do. At least you were going to have multiple guy options later on.

You slowly pulled away and rubbed your bottom lip with your thumb. You went back to Maya and noticed that everyone, including Suna, was looking at you or your classmate.

"What? You wish that was you huh" you chuckled at the crowd. Most people started to laugh or trying to hide their blush.

God guys are so easy to turn on...


You guys kept playing spin the bottle for a while and it kept landing on people, but it was starting to get boring. You and Maya decided to leave and get a couple of drinks.

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