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mild warning: nightmares

alex and i were all cuddled up together in bed sleeping peacefully, everything was really quiet and soothing. it seemed like the night was going well, until i was awaken by his sleep talks.

it was pretty normal for me since he always talks in his sleep, but this time, something was off. he kept repetitively whispering "no. no. no. no..." yeah, something was wrong with him. i sat up from my bed and tried to shake alex gently awake, but he just kept repeating quietly "no" as i kept trying to wake up him up.

"please don't leave me..." i heard alex mutter, his voice sounded quivery like he was going to cry and i couldn't bare to see him get any worse. so i had to shake his body a little more aggressively to get him to wake up while i whisper yelled, "please wake up alex... get out of there."

now his shut eyes started to form tears while his head began rocking left and right a bit looking like he was trapped from whatever is going on in his head. i couldn't let his mind make him suffer even more than it already did, so i had to yell a little louder to get him fully awake.


his body finally bolted out of the bed trembling, his head faced downward along with heavy breathing sounding like he was gasping for air which got me even more worried about him.

"oh thank god alex, i'm so relieved that you're ok!" i exclaimed worryingly trying to get his mind off from his nightmare he had as i grabbed his hand tightly while i used  the other to massage his right shoulder gently, i mean everybody is not gonna remember their dreams after waking up right?

alex's head slowly came up to get a glance of my face. "y/n...?" alex responds quietly to me with his voice still sounding shaky. "...i thought you were gone forever." he whispers to me except this time tears began to form again from his deep brown eyes, now pouring down his cheeks.

"a-alex? me? gone forever? i'm still right here..." i replied softly with a concerned look on my face when i noticed his expression. he lets go of my hand so that he can cover his face using the both of his hands facing down again.

i decided to lean on the bed to begin wrapping my arms around alex protectively to comfort him. alex's hands let go of his face so that his arms can clutch back at me while he could bury his face against my chest. a few seconds passed by and muffled sobs began to burst out from him.

"please... don't let me go. i wanna stay with you forever."

alex faintly pleaded with his voice cracked causing his sobs to grow louder. i tried my hardest to hold back my tears, but i didn't to see alex in pain. i had to let him know that in my heart that he's safe and that no one will ever replace him because he's the one for me!

"mi amor, please look at me."

i instructed alex. when his head came up to gaze at me, his face was all red and blotchy, eyes bloodshot, and eyelids puffy while tears were running down his warm cheeks which ached my heart so badly. i moved my hands to his cheeks to wipe his tears, pecked his forehead and told him, "i love you so much alex. i promise you for dear life that i'll never leave you behind and that i will forever take good care of you."

alex sits up and clasps me tightly along with his head resting onto my shoulder as tears were still dropping down his red but pale face. i had to use my hoodie sleeve to clean alex's eyes more from teardrops. "d-do you really... mean it?" alex asked utterly.

"trust me love, of course i'll never get rid of you. you're the most carefree and warm hearted man that i've ever gotten together with. i'm so grateful that you've came to my life to make it worth living." i said to alex while i patted his soft and silky hair.

"...thank you y/n, i love you. i'm so lucky to meet you." he responds to me sniffling. "i love you too baby." i replied back. i kissed alex's soft lips and embraced him for a minute to get him settled down.

"are you ready to go back to sleep?" i asked alex calmly. he nods his head yes and we both laid back down to bed. i covered alex with blankets to keep him warm while he hugged my body as tight as he could.

i pecked his cheek affectionally to calm him down some more and prayed that alex wouldn't get anymore nightmares so he can go back to his cheerful self again when he wakes up in the morning.

and thank goodness he didn't.

author's note: ok so writing a chapter is harder than i expected to be, but i hoped you guys enjoyed it! and if this actually made you cry, i'm sorry that it did :( i will be updating soon!

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