"Your dad's really funny" Justin said. You laughed knowing he don't think that joke was funny but scary.

You walked to his car. You were about to open it but Justin said" oh let me open this for you, we don't want your dad to come and kill me now do we. "

I laughed at what Justin said then replied" no we won't want that" he was smiling but then he started laughing.

I hoped in and sat down. His air conditioning was on I was so happy because I was afraid I would get hot and my hair would frazz out.

"Should I turned the A. C off? "he asked." Noo! "I replied more like shouted. He handed me his coat.

" Here take this you look cool to me." "Well ok" I said taking his coat and putting it on.

He started driving. Then I started thinking I wonder what restaurant he's gonna carry me.

Oh my gosh he's a celebrity I bet a million people might be watching us and the paparazzi.

More importantly the food it better be good. I'm sure it's some fancy restaurant and there's gonna be lil itty bitty food on the plate.

It better not be cause I like real food.

"We're here." Justin said.

"Ok "I said I sat in my seat and waited on Justin to open my door I was sure he's gonna do it anyway.

The restaurant was beautiful. It had pretty lights and everything." Ok lets go in"Justin said.

We walked right into the restaurant and it was beautiful on the inside too.

"Do you have reservations? "a tall man in suit asked us then looking up to see that he was talking to Justin Bieber.

" Oh yes of course Mr. Bieber party of two your table's this way. "

The man led us too our table.

" Here are your menus." He handed us our menu.

Dam everything here is in French.

Ok I'm A P in french at school so I see chicken. Ok whatever's with chicken sounds good to me.

"You see what anything you like baby? "Justin asked. I was so glad he wasn't gonna order for me cause home girl likes to eat.

" Yes "I said." Ok what is it? "he asked." The chicken thing "I said Justin laughed.

" Ok so you want the Almond Custard Chicken. "Justin said this while laughing has ass off.

" Yea that and don't laugh at me baby" I said hiting his hand.

"Waiter" Justin said but this time we didn't have the same waiter this one was younger. He was cuter and had nice hair he looked like Harry Styles. He came by us and Justin said" hell no!"

I laughed at how jealous he was and we just started dating." Haha Justin what's wrong? "I asked not being able to control my laughter.

" Ok lets get another waiter babe."I said. "Ok the next one that walks by" Justin said." Ok "I said there were waiters everywhere.

"Ok waitress" Justin said. Wait did he just say waitress ain't no waitress coming here. I thought to myself but I had to keep my cool I can't just start .

"Can I take your order? "She asked.

No we called you because your face amaze me. I thought to myself.

" Yes "Justin replied." Oh my gosh your Justin Bieber. "She said jumping up and down. She's such an Eistein.

She just stood there watching Justin. " "I'm his date." I said fed up at how long she was watching him.

"Oookk "she said." And what will you be having? "she asked Justin. He told her I wasn't focus on what he was telling her. I was more focus on how much I wanted to kick her ass.

" And date would you like anything? " she rudely asked. Did she just ok I'm not even gonna go there." I would like to woop your a$$. "I said beyond pissed.

" Well come then. "She said. You wanna try me" Justin sat there watching us.

I was standing at this point." Lets do it then right here" she said." Ok bitch I will kick your ass anywhere. " I informed her.

At this time Justin had his mouth open. I went for the girl's hair. And started throwing punches.

A lot of people were watching. Justin just continue sitting there with his mouth hang open.

"Take that" I said between punches.

"Miss, Miss "I saw two security guards walk over to us. I quick walked, who am I kidding I sprint my ass out of that building.

Justin was following behind me. "Baby that was amazing."

"What? "I asked him is he crazy I just beat a girl up." I think you're hot when your jealous" Justin said." Me jealous never." I said then laughing.

"We walked to Justin's car. This date was a disaster."I said "nothing could make this worse. "

'Brahhhh'" Yeah rain." Now my hair was completely buffed out. "I'm sorry Justin." I said looking down. "Why?" he asked "well I'm sure you've never been on a date like this."

"No I haven't but that's the good thing about it" he said smiling. "Huh?" I asked." Like you were the first girl I went out with that has ever fought with the waitress, and I like your hair like that and those J's look good on you. "

I just started laughing the whole day was funny and he stuck with me. This got to be the one.

We finally reached his car. He opened my door then he went in to sit.

" Hi Justin" yes Y/N. "Um a kiss me" you said. "What? " he asked. "But not in here." I ran out of the car to the lamppost. The rain was still pouring." Wait for me" you could here Justin saying.

"Where are you? "you heard Justin's voice asked." I'm by the lamppost. "

He walked over and then I hugged him hugged me back.

We looked into to each others eyes.

And then he brought his face to mine and his plump lips touched mine then and his tongue pocked into my mouth.

Suddenly 'I care for you by Aaliyah' started playing.

You went deeper into the kiss. It lasted for about 10 minutes.

"Best kiss ever" I said. "Best date ever" Justin added.

We hold hands and walked back to the car. "So um Y/N can I take you out on a second date."

"I promise this time the help will be old and male. "Justin said hopeful. "Ok I'll go on a second date."

Justin was 16 not 21 in this one. It's my first preference so please like and comment. I take requests so send me some.

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