Break up

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I went through mattias phone last night and saw some things that I didn't like so I decided to go to his house and confront him..

I saw another car in his drive way and his brother is at his friends house and his parents are at a business trip...

I rolled my eyes and got the extra key to his house that he gave me

I unlocked the door and went inside

I heard moaning and it wasn't mattia

What the fuck? I thought

I went downstairs to his room
(His room is the Basement if u don't know)

I saw mattia on top another girl

Y/n : "what the fuck!?"

Mattia quickly got off the girl and covered himself with the covers

Mattia : its not what it looks like!

The girl got up and put on her clothes

I rolled my eyes and moved aside so she can leave

She ran out

Y/n : so what does it look like? U fucking another girl!?

Mattia : no no i can explain I didnt know-

Y/n : just stop mattia...were done ok? Were over.

Mattia : no y/n please I need u!

Y/n : u don't need me if ur fucking another girl

I went out the front door and I drove away

Goodbye mattia...

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