It was weird, to say the least. It was a whole different comfort that Evan offered me. I felt bad for comparing the two, considering one was my boyfriend and the other was a good friend of mine, but the attention that Asher payed to me made me forget things for a while. Veronica was rarely around and I've been telling her that I knew she was running around with Derek, or blondie, as I called him, but she just can't admit it, or confess the truth.

Once Asher and I got into his car, it was a long 30 minutes back to college. It was quiet at first, before he broke the silence at a red light, and turned to look at me, licking his pink, plump lips.

I looked back at him, shying under his gaze. "What?"

He ran his tongue over his top teeth, and I swallowed the saliva in my mouth tightly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

I raised my eyebrows, turning around more in my seat. "What are you talking about?"

He scoffed, the mood suddenly changing. I sunk into my seat. I genuinely didn't know what he was on about. I pulled my eyes away from his green ones, and stared at his plain white tshirt, tight on his skin. Once I noticed him looking at me as I stared away at his chest, I look back at the street.

"Green light," I said, and he stepped swiftly on the gas.

"You know what I'm talking about, Peyton," he shook his head and I froze in my spot, chewing at my bottom lip. I really needed to stop doing that, my lip would fall off if I kept up this bad habit. "Laurel isn't actually pregnant."

"Laurel?" I whispered, blinking once.

"My ex-girlfriend," he looked back at me with a tired look, as if to say damn it don't you remember who she is?

I was quiet for a moment, remembering that whole ordeal. I felt stupid, like a bad friend for not telling him. I suddenly felt very hot in his car, and cracked the window, cursing myself. I'd remembered promising myself to tell him about what went down, but it slipped my mind. I completely forgot. I was forgetting far too much, and this was news to me. How did he find out? "I... Right. Look, Asher, I'm just really sorry-"

He raised his hand to stop me, and I looked at the black ring on his thumb, distracting myself. "I don't want you to say anything Peyton, I don't want you to stress over this. I just want you to know that if it were me, I would've told you a long time ago. That's what friends do."

But you're treating me like I'm more than a friend.

 "I understand... I'm sorry."

He nodded curtly. "She's a lying bitch, you know that?"

I looked at him, flinching slightly. "Did  she tell you why? Like, why she's a lying bitch?"

I'd never heard Asher speak so explicitly, it felt odd to my ears. Asher looked at me in response. "God, if she didn't want sex she could've just told me that! You know how dirty I feel for having sex with her, thinking it was meaning a lot to our relationship when really she didn't even want it?"

I looked out the window, and noticed we were edging closer to our college. "You shouldn't feel dirty. I mean, she didn't tell you."

"Yeah but she was still sitting through it while it happened," he muttered. "If I was hurting her that much then she should've told me..."

I blushed crimson red, turning my head away. He muttered a quiet apology and I chuckled awkwardly in return. "I get it, trust me, I do, but clearly she didn't want to tell you because she loved you that much. And now she feels like shit about it, you know? Some girls can't be forward so they beat around the bush. Some girls put up this tough exterior, acting and dressing like they believe they're something above everyone else but in reality, they're small, fragile, you know, weak. She just was scared of what the guy she liked would think if she was that hot but was hurting during sex."

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